Thanithiru is a short film directed by S.K.Senthil, who worked as an assistant director to Kamal Haasan.

The short film ‘Thanithiru’ released by director and producer K.R. was released in the presence of the students of Chennai Government MGR Film College and actor Rajesh, president of the college.

A film college student, he worked as an assistant and co-director to actor Kamal Haasan and director GNR Kumaravelan.
S.K.Senthil directed this short film.

The pain of neglect is most acute in adolescence. Overcoming it is a huge struggle. Especially to achieve in cinema is a struggle to the death. Only one out of billions of dreams come true. All others will die of a series of insults. Even so, why so much passion only to achieve in cinema? It is because of the recognition, great wealth and immortal fame that winners achieve in this than in any other field.

In that way no matter who ignores you, if you work with confidence, success is sure. ‘Danithiru’ is a short film that tells you that after you win, those who have abandoned you will seek your favor.

S.K.Senthil, who studied at Tamil Nadu Government MGR Film College and worked as Chief Program Producer at Sun TV, has directed this film.

This film, which is made with only one character, will not only give confidence to the youth who are trying to achieve in cinema, but also to all those who are struggling to win in life. Vijay Shankar is debuting as a newcomer in this film.

In this short film, Urvashi Archana, director Samuthirakani, director producer Chitra Lakshmanan, M. S. Along with Bhaskar, the leading technicians of the film industry have also contributed to the short film ‘Danithiru’.

The breakthrough scene in the climax instills in us a huge confidence that not only the hero of the film but anyone can win if they change the route a little and turn the cart around.

What if you don’t get what you want? Are we dead? Life is not going to end if you don’t get something you want! The short film ‘Danithiru’ tells us that if we change our thinking, we can make the world look back at us, and also tells us that we should not have thoughts of suicide.

The release ceremony of this film was held in the presence of students and college president actor Rajesh at Tamil Nadu Government MGR Film College by director producer K.R.

The students who watched the short film ‘Thanithiru’ also shared with director S.K.Senthil that the film has given them confidence in their lives. It is noteworthy that the director S.K.Senthil is going to direct the film on the silver screen soon.