Kalaga Thalaivan Movie Music and Trailer Release !!!

Produced by Red Giant Movies, Kalaga Thalaivan is a movie directed by Magizh Thirumeni starring actor Udhayanidhi Stalin. The film will hit theaters worldwide on November 18. In this case, the film’s music and trailer release ceremony was held in the presence of press and media friends, where the film crew and screen celebrities were present.
In this ceremony

Actor Kaliyarasan said…,
“I am only playing a small role. But it will be an important role. The way director Magizh said it was a new experience. It was a pleasure to work with Udhayanidhi sir. He will be in a new evolution in this film. This film needs your support.”

Actress Nidhi Aggarwal said..
“Thanks to the director and actor Udayanidhi sir for giving me a chance in this film. It was a great experience to act with him. My thanks to all the technicians involved in this film.”

Actor Aarav said..
“Thanks to Red Giant Movies for this film. The music of this film is captivating. Thank you sir.”

Music composer Srikanth Deva said…,
“Thank you Udhayanidhi for giving me this opportunity. The actors and technicians who worked in this movie have done a great job. It was a great experience working with director Majiz and I learned a lot. I need your support to make the movie a success. Thank you.

Lyricist Gargi said…
The director is my best friend. Writing songs for his films will be a great experience. The moments he gives to the song are different. On the same day that I wrote the song for this film, I also wrote a song for the Tamil Nadu government featuring Chief Minister M.K.Stalin. Father and son got the honor of writing the song on the same day. Udhayanidhi Stalin has given an excellent performance in this film. It will be a breakthrough film for him. I wish the film success.

Cinematographer Dil Raju said..
Happy to join Red Giant, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Mizhal Thirumeni. Thanks to the director who changed my style and made me work in this.

Actor Bobby Simha said…
“The visuals of the film are very deep. Udhayanidhi sir looks stylish while watching the scenes. I wish the film success.”

Director Pradeep Ranganathan said,
“My thanks to Udhayanidhi Stalin for making Love Today a success. The trailer of this film is very good. I am always a fan of Magizh Thirumeni sir’s film. I wish this film a big success.”

Director Mari Selvaraj said..
“Director Magizh Thirumeni’s films always have a deep story. There is always a calmness in the characters. His film’s love scenes are excellent. I hope this film will have the same. The experience of traveling with Udhayanidhi sir was an important experience for me. My thanks to all the actors in the film. I wish the film a huge success.”

Actor Vishnu Vishal said..
“Uday Anna continues to do serious films. I wish her all the best. My best wishes to the entire team. The trailer of the film is excellent. I wish the film a success.”

Director Sundar C said..
I am a big fan of the screenplay by director Magizh Thirumeni. I love his track film. Tried to work with Uday sir, but it didn’t work out. My best wishes for his film career, he continues to do a lot of good for cinema. I wish this film a huge success.”

Actor Arun Vijay said..
“I have always been a fan of director Magizh Thirumeni’s writing. He adds a lot of subtleties to the film. This film will definitely be a big success for his dedication. This film will be a new evolution for Udhayanidhi sir. This film will be a huge hit for him. My thanks and best wishes to all the technicians.

Director Arun Raja Kamaraj said..
“The action scenes in the film are good. It’s awe-inspiring to watch. I hope this riot leader will create a lot of riots and be the leader who solves it. I wish this film a success.”

Producer Archana Kalpathi said..
“The trailer of this film has all the features of a good film. The trailer of the film is excellent. I wish this a major film in Udhayanidhi sir’s career. All the technical staff involved in the film.
My best wishes to the artists as well.”

Director M Rajesh said…,
“I thought Udhayanidhi Stalin would do comedy films, now he is doing a lot of serious films. The trailer of this film looks amazing. I wish this film a success.
Producer Thenandal Murali said…,,
“Mizhal Thirumeni’s depth of information for the screenplay is his strength. It is also in this film. Udayanidhi is very attached to cinema. He is doing a lot of good for cinema. I wish the film a great success.”

Director Myskkin said,
“Traveling with Uday was the best experience for me. I was supposed to introduce Udayanidhi Stahl on screen. But that didn’t happen. I worked with him in Psycho and he is the most humble person. Working with him will be an amazing experience. He is a dedicated person. He needs to keep doing films. Watch the trailer of the film. So, it looks like this film is definitely going to be a hit. Best wishes to all.

Director Magizh Thirumeni said..
“I would like to thank all the technicians who worked in the film. My thanks to all the important celebrities who came to this festival. Kalaiyarasan and Aarav are playing the lead roles in this film. Udhayanidhi sir is always a humble person and that’s why he is at this height. In these 10 years, he continues. He has taken on many different roles in many films and made it believable. This film will be the same and this film will not disappoint you. Thanks Udhayanidhi for giving me this opportunity.”

Actor Udhayanidhi Stalin said..
“Thanks to everyone who came to Kalakat Thalaivan song launch. Thanks to all the technicians and actors who contributed to this film. Mizh Thirumeni has carved this movie. He has spent a lot of time and compiled great scenes. We have given a lot of hard work and dedication to this film. Director Mizh. Thirumeni has made a great film and I am confident that this film will be a huge success.”

Produced by Red Giant Movies, Kalaga Thalaivan will hit theaters worldwide on November 18.