Good time has started for Ramki; Director Perarasu Speech at Gurumurthy Function

Karthik is a known playboy.. Ramki is a known playboy; RK Selvamani breaks the secret of Gurumurthy ceremony

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‘Gurumurthy’ is a film produced by Sivachalapathy Saisaravanan under Friends Talkies. Actor Ramki has played the lead role in this film starring Natty Nataraj. Poonam Bajwa as the female lead and Sanjana Singh, Asmita, Risha, Ravi Maria, Rekha Suresh, Mottai Rajendran and others in the cast.

This film is directed by director KP Dhanasekaran. Basically a cinematographer, he became a director through this film.

Satyadev Udayashankar has composed the music for this movie and Devaraj has done the cinematography. He is working as the second unit cinematographer in the Telugu blockbuster Pushpa. SN Basil has overseen the cinematography of this film

The music launch of the film was held today at Prasad Label in Saligramam, Chennai as the film is about to release. Directors RK Selvamani, Empire Distributors Association President K. Rajan, Cinematographers Sakthi Saravanan, Sriram Karthik, Prajin and many others participated in this event along with actors Natty, Ramki, Poonam Bajwa and the film crew as special guests.

Speaking at the event, music composer Satyadev said,

“You can say this film is a rebirth for me. I have been waiting for this film for a long time,” he said.

When choreographer Radhika spoke,

“All the four songs featured in the film were choreographed challenges in different genres. The music director of this film has composed the songs superbly as if he had planned and composed the music for me to get a job. Ramki would fondly lament that he made me dance with three women in this film. Similarly, although I have worked as a master in films where the actor has worked as a cinematographer, I got the opportunity to impress him for the first time through this film,” he said.

Cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan, who participated as a special guest, says,

“Director Dhanasekaran worked with me in the cinematography department on films like Chennai-28, Mangatha. But he still had the dream of becoming a director. Usually every cinematographer has a desire to be a director. Even Natty Natraj, who is a cinematographer, has come here as an actor after turning aside huge opportunities because of his inner desire to become an actor,” he said.

When director KP Dhanasekaran speaks,

“This is my first film as a director. The producer of the film encouraged me to make this film a big film without thinking of him as a new director. Devaraj, the cinematographer of the film, is fortunate to have worked as the second unit cinematographer on Pushpa. Satyadev, who has composed the music for this film, will surely reach a good place,” he said.

When actor Ravi Maria speaks, ‘
“The strength of the film lies in the title ‘Kurumurthi’. It will be very difficult for the new producers to make a film by explaining each and every one. But here a production manager has come as the producer so there is no room for any problem from the beginning to the end of this film. When I became an actor, I left the director’s side and came back. Similarly, the director of this film should focus on something like cinematography or direction.

Ten years ago, I directed a film called Milaka with Natty as the hero. But now I am acting with him for the first time. It is happy to see all the heroines participating in this function together. Basil, who worked as an assistant editor in Milaka, has worked as an editor for this film. I told him that he will come to a big place then.”

When actress Poonam Bajwa spoke,
“The director has given me a wonderful role of Tamilarasi in this film. I wish to act with a…
An important reason for He is a good man to the extent of performing daily pooja for the safety of the crew. 25 years ago, Natty used to work as assistant cinematographer in my films. His name is heard everywhere. He is as simple a man as he was then. There is no intervention of him anywhere in the film. “Though it is a story that takes place in one day, what happens next, how a man changes when he gets money, director Dhanasekaran has directed this film in a lively way,” he said.

When director Perarasu spoke-

“Even when Ramki was playing the hero, he was never given a song like this. Now seeing him dancing with 3 heroines, I have to say that Ramki’s yoga has started. Nutty is the cameraman that mass heroes love. Directors don’t have a lot of respect now.. but actors get good respect so many people have started acting.. because cinema is in the hands of actors. “We should avoid giving opportunities to directors who give trouble to the producers and who do not care about the producers at all,” he said.

When director RK Selvamani spoke,

“Even as a king he has a small desire. Natti, who is one of the top ten cameramen in India, has turned into an actor out of love for acting and is simply sitting here as a supporting actor. Not only that, but the way he chooses stories is surprising for every film. It can be said with certainty that this film will be a different film because of his choice.

As far as the film industry is concerned, the money invested should not even get a profit, but the money invested should return..? Government has declared this sector as an industry. But no help was given to the film industry. If you ask for a loan from the bank, they say that there is a bad loan of 250 crores given for cinema. If that is the case, it was announced that 10 lakh crores of bad loans were announced in other industries, how could they give loans only to them? This sector is a sector that makes 150 crore people happy. There is no guarantee of livelihood for retired workers in this sector. Even the welfare fund deducted from their salary is paid to the government for their future, but it is used for expenses in other sectors. There must definitely be a change in this. Until then, it is our duty to continue to raise our voices.

When the actor spoke,

“It shows how much he loves cinema when the producer decided to spend a lot of money in the surrounding areas of Ooty as per the needs of the story, not thinking that the story takes place in a single day in the city itself. We acted with horror in an environment where elephants would come during the shooting. When director Dhanasekaran told me the story of this film, so many things in one day..? I asked if you could show me all of this. As said, he has beautifully brought it all into the film. Ramki has danced with three actresses in the song ‘Chekkachivantha Sundari’. When I asked if there was a place for me in that song, they said that you have no role in it,” he said jokingly.

Finally, when K Rajan, president of the Distributors Association, spoke,

“Natty has always been a handsome hero. He is the most famous cinematographer in Hindi. I have acted with him in a film called ‘Bahasuran’. I played Selvaraghavan’s father in that film. He was black when he acted in that film.. If you look at what he is now white, it’s like he changed color after dancing with the heroine in that song.. They say that I am a controversial person.. I will definitely criticize those who are responsible for the damage of this film industry.. It is for us to say that actors should come to film festivals. No.. if it comes, you will benefit.. even if the producers suffer, it will benefit the actors.

The director is responsible for the success or failure of the film.. But when the film is successful, the hero gets the salary. He doesn’t cut his salary when he fails.. but the director suffers. Apart from that, the failure of the film affects the producer as well as the distributors of the film to a great extent. Director Mani Ratnam, who has given a huge hit with ‘Ponniyin Selvan’, also shot the film in Andhra Pradesh. People here will get jobs only if the shooting is done here in Tamilnadu.. Should the people here go to Andhra and light the lamp..?

Similarly, they say that theaters will be crowded only if big actors act. But in the last three days, a hope has been born. The movie ‘Love Today’ directed by Pradeep Ranganathan has proved a huge hit! It can be seen from the cheering of the fans in the theater that the film is in tune with the pulse of the fans. If you give good films, people will definitely come to the theatre.. It is not necessary to have big actors for that,” he said.