A Zee 5 Original

Produced by-Estrella Stories

Stories, Screenplay and dialogue -Veenai Maindhan, Sachin and Muthukumar

Directed by Muthukumar

Rating -***1/2

A young school going girl, Thamizh Selvi (Abhi Nakshatra) hailing from a remote village where education beyond school for girls is considered a sin by the entire villagers, comes of age but decides to hold back that ‘development’ as he is ambitious of studying further with the sole objective of becoming a doctor! At one point, her Mom, Kuruvammal (Anumol, superlative performance as she has just lived that character!) but once the girl’s Dad, Thavasi (Aruvi Madhan) comes to know of it things take a different shape!

The villagers too learn of it and all hell breaks loose as they all follow a custom that once a girl attains puberty she has to discontinue her studies and should necessarily be given in marriage!

How Thamizh Selvi and her parents go through that tough phase while a local bigwig, Sakthivel (Lingaa) is desirous of marrying her and moves his coins tactfully!

With such a premise, the writer(s) and the director go to great lengths to champion the cause of all oppressed and suppressed women folk, obviously, the men folks being held responsible for all the tense moments the females have to experience while suffering still, in silence!

It is but a debatable point that whether such practices exist in reality even today in the so called rural belts but the makers have tried their best to prove that point!

Abhi Nakshatra is very natural and spontaneous as well and has come up with a bold performance which anybody else would have hesitated to enact!

Aruvi Madhan playing her Dad is adequate and has come up with the right degree of emotions while exhibiting his affection for his daughter!

Ramji’s camera angles have facilitated the viewers to travel side by side with the principal characters!

Revaa’s background score is apt.

Watch this for the genuine efforts invested in making this web series…