Produced by Lefty Manual Creations

Written and Directed by-Jagan Vijaya

Cast-Vinoth Kishan, Gowri G.Kishan Sachinn, Rohini


The experience of offering a split screen viewing is a fresh feature as far as film viewing is concerned and in that context this is a note worthy project that is innovative and appreciable!

Two parallel incidents that take place simultaneously forms the base of the narration in this thriller that has some good performances by Vinoth Kishan and Rohini while Gowri G.Kishan is adequate.

But Sachinn seems not to impress as is found to fail in registering the right kind of experience in the required scenes!

Balasubramani (Vinoth Kishan) is a young man living with his Mom (Rohini). Though he is grown up, mentally he is underdeveloped and stammers too while speaking. As his Mom is employed, she is forced to lock him in while she goes for work!

The scenario gets repeated on a specific day while a youthful lass Nithya (Gowri G. Kishan) gets kidnapped by one Chandu (Sachinn) who had been following her in social media.

By default, Balasubramani and Nithya get connected through the telecommunication network and finally how he saves her is the tension filled rest!

The parallel happenings have been showcased on an half screen sharing basis which causes a sense of irritation as the film unfolds! Towards the climax, normalcy resumes on the screen and the film ends on a satisfactory note!

A new and novel attempt that needs to be lauded!