First Tamil film shot on a warship, “Operation Arapaima” – Director Brash

I speak in Tamil and I am learning Tamil. It is a tribute to this state. Actress Neka Saxena speaks at Operation Arabimah press meet

B. Natarajan’s Operation Arapaima is produced and directed by ex-shipman Brash. The trailer launch event of the film starring Raghuman, Nadodidhi Abhinaya, Tini Tam, Neka Saxena, Shigat, Balaji and others was held in Chennai on 07.03.2023. The crew who participated in the ceremony spoke as follows

When Director Brash speaks,

I was very emotional yesterday when I checked the trailer of my film for the first time at Prasad Lab Theatre. There was a theater in the town named after my mother. Some people cheated my father. They hijacked the theater. But I didn’t give up cinema. Cinema has not abandoned me. I learned cinema without my parents knowing. However, I got selected in the Coast Guard. I was in Chennai for most of the days. I think I am lucky to have served in all three armed forces – Navy, Air Force and Ground Force.

After that I met with an accident. The reason I recovered from that accident was the book “Wings of Fear” by Abdul Kalam Iya. After reading that book, I decided to visit Abdul Kalam Iya, wrote to him and met him. After that, he only gave me the rights to make his life as an autobiography. I announced the film in 2014. After that, due to some reasons, the film was not completed yet. “Seeyan” Vikram Sir is playing the role of Vikram Sarabai in the film. The film is still alive.

Operation Arabaima will be the first Tamil film to be shot on a warship. We could have shot the film with computer graphics. But, the beauty of showing real ships doesn’t come. But we have done those challenges too. Capturing a scene at sea is difficult. You have to predict everything like sea rage and wind and take the picture. We have done it.

I have shown 17 locations in the film. This is a film about the effects of drugs that are about to be introduced to our country.

In this film, the hero has no time to fall in love. But the villain falls in love and romances his younger brother. Surely you will like the movie. Otherwise you have to watch the movie and tell. He said I am waiting for that.

Actress Neha Saxena speaking

I am Punjabi girl. But, there is a desire to study and speak Tamil. My father died in an accident when I was young. My mother raised me. Mother said that to progress in life one should have an ambition. I have been acting for 12 years in many languages. Cinema has no languages. When we travel within a state for work or for our needs, learning the language of that state is a sign of respect for that state. I am a Punjabi girl… but I am learning the respective language while working in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam movies. He bought applause saying that I am very happy.

As Actor Tiny Tom Speaks

This is my first film in Tamil. All actors have a desire to act in Tamil. Because Tamil is the oldest language in the world.

Also, Kalabhavan Mani sir is my Guru. Yesterday was his 7th anniversary. I would also like to inform you that yesterday, I was awarded the Kalabhavan Mani Award.

I have played a transgender character in the film. He said that we should give your support to this film and make it a success.

When lyricist and lyricist Murugan speaks the mantra,

The movie Noonkaal Nerathu Meedham was released recently. That film is a Malayalam film. But, the title of that film is in Tamil. The story takes place in Tamil Nadu. From now on Malayalam people will even take the full movie in Tamil and release it as a Malayalam movie, no wonder. On behalf of Tamil Nadu, I welcome the Malayalam natives in the Operation Arabimah film crew.

The director of this film, Brash Sir, worked in the Navy and worked as an assistant director in the film Aran. Later, he decided to make a film about a military operation and directed the film. The film has been shot in locations like Cochin, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Andaman and Dubai.

Throughout the film, the issue of women smuggling, drug trafficking and the politics of it will be discussed.

I went to Kerala to write songs for the film. After watching my political records, we are making this film about politics and military operations. Therefore, Brash sir called that you should write the dialogues for the film.

I wrote a lullaby called Aasi Oru Aasi. Chinnakuil Chitra has sung it. Also write a bouncy song that has nothing to do with it
I will The song should be written about Madhu but should also be applicable to women. Thanks to the director for such an opportunity. One-time admission,
Wicked Sugamitu experience
That song begins

Abhinaya, who plays the lead role in Operation Arabimah, is incredibly talented. A person who can observe lip movement and act accordingly. He said working with Abhinaya was an unforgettable experience.

As co-producer Jain George spoke,

The story of the film is about how to save the youth from drug gangs. Now I stand here as one of the producers of the film. He said it is my desire to become your actor soon.