Directed by-Balaaji

Cast-Prajin, Vidhya Pradeep, Charlie, Gayathri Yuvaraj,

Censor Rating-A

Running Time-126 Minutes


A well crafted, nail-biting thriller that sketches the plight and predicament of a cop who investigates a chain of murders of youngsters with a common denominator that stands out as a clue, leading nowhere!

Prajin has performed well and has visibly spared no effort to ascertain his presence in a powerful manner.

Vidhya Pradeep suffers from want of scope.

Basically, the theme is about medical frauds involving human spare parts dealing at a very high level.

The plot unfolds in a suspense filled manner with never a dull moment but is not devoid of setbacks as logic takes a beating at places.

But the film stands out as a wholesome thriller that is good enough, most of the time!