A new movie titled “Racer” is underway which talks about the journey of a youth who nurses an ambitious dream of becoming a bike racer!

Directed by Sathish (Alias) Satz Rex, “Racer” stars Akhil Santhosh as the protagonist and he has acted alongside real bike racers!

Karthik Jayas has bankrolled this movie at a very big budget under the banner, Hustlers Entertainment.

The film’s story, screenplay, dialogue and lyrics have been handled by Satish (A) Satz Rex who has also directed the film.

Prabhakar has handled the cinematography.

Bharat Shanmugam has composed the music.

Kaniyamudhan has assumed responsibility for art direction.

Seenu has choreographed the fight sequences.

Santosh Krishnamurthy (Redall Media Works) has co-produced the film.

Velu is the film’ s publicist.

Akhil Santosh, a newcomer is the
film’ s protagonist.

Lavanya, who is playing the role of Mullai in the Vijay TV serial Pandiyan Stores, is playing the female lead.
Also Arupala, ‘”Draupathi” Subramanian and many others are acting in important roles.

The story revolves around the problems between a father and his son. Though he is born in a middle-class family, Akhil Santosh is wants to become a great bike racer. But his father is unable to buy him the expensive race bike, he asked for!
However, Akhil, who does not go back in his ambition, tries hard to buy a bike and succeed in the race.
The film vividly illustrates the struggles he faces and whether he is able to overcome them is the interesting rest.
A love story too runs parallel to the main plot.

An exclusive bike race track was constructed in Pondicherry at a huge cost. Several scenes showcasing races were shot in Yercaud. Also, some important scenes were shot in Chennai.

Hero Akhil surprised everyone by riding a bike competing with real race players in motor race scenes.
The film’ s screenplay is certain to initiate self-confidence in the minds of youngsters who are ambitious of achieving their dreams!
“Racer” is expected to hit the screens in April.