Produced by-Moon Walk Pictures

Scripted and Directed by-Henry Joseph

Cast-Aadukalam Naren, Prathksha, Franklin, Bucks etc

Censor Rating-U


This discerning flick could comfortably be rated as being one of the best film of the contemporary period with the script sketching the bonding between a dad and his daughter, with the former willing to go great lengths to make the latter happy!

The principal cast-dad, Sundaram (Aadukalam Murugadas), his wife, Vasanthi (Franklin) and Kanmani (Baby Prathksha) have virtually lived their roles fittings into the framework like a T!

Kudos to the trio for their spontaneity and performance that appears so natural and down to earth!

The plot is very simple.

A small family consisting of a husband and wife and their school-going daughter!

A visit to the bungalow of a school-mate (that chubby boy is very cute!) on the occasion of his birthday, initiates interest in the mind of the little girl to own a house property and from then on, she harasses her dad to buy a house!

As the dad is never ever used to saying no to his daughter reels out lies to convince his daughter that he is about top purchase a house!
The sufferings of the dad and of course, the mom too, till the cat is let out of the bag forms the crux of the narration showcased in a heart moving manner!

The film delivers a message to all parents regarding being frank and forthright to their children!

Children too should understand the plight of their parents who spare no effort to bring them up well without any compromises to the choices of their children!

A must see movie for both parents as well as children!