Produced by -Rasa Studio & ShortFlix

Written and Directed by-Mathivanan

Cast-Arjai, Shiva Sha Ra, Ashiq Hussian, Rajkumar G. Suresh Chakravarthy etc

Censor Rating-A

Running Time-67 Minutes


This short film, conceived and crafted by Mathivanan has an interesting premise!

It is about a gangster named Kuruvi Rajan who heads a gang!

He is a professional killer who hands over a rose to the prospective victim before killing him!

Kuruvi Rajan is not merely a name; it is a brand!

The screenplay goes all out to prove it but the suspense element of the screenplay is packaged in the climax sequences.

Arjai as Kuruvi Rajan fits the role like a T! His costumes as well as his performance exhibit class.

Shiva Sha Ra is in his usual elements but why does he use so many bad words so many times?

But the film’s surprise package is the presence and portrayal of Ashiq Hussian who steals the thunder by his spontaneity and style of dialogue delivery.

Though this is an action packed flick coupled punctuated by gun shoots, time and agai, enjoyable humor courses through the proceedings in abundant measure!

Kuruvi Rajan is indeed a big brand! Watch it to enjoy!