AR Theater Club’s musical tribute to TM Soundararajan

CHENNAI, India – AR Theater Club, a division of Madras Tech, which recognizes and supports emerging talent in the performing arts, paid a musical tribute to legendary playback singer DM Soundararajan on Saturday evening (25 March 2023).

The event, called TMS 100, was held at the Music Academy, Chennai, featuring concerts by Anantharaman, hosted by respected Chitra Lakshmanan (Actor & Journalist) and honored lyricist Poovai Senguttuvan.

Speaking on the occasion, Arunachalam, founder of AR Theater Club, said that T. M. Soundararajan’s contribution to the music industry was unparalleled. His soulful voice touched the hearts of millions and continues to be an inspiration to many singers today.

He added, “As a tribute to his legacy, we have organized this event to celebrate his life and his music. Our aim is to provide a platform to young and emerging musicians and encourage them to carry forward the rich musical legacy.”

TMS 100 was well received by the audience who were seen singing along to popular hits of TM Soundararajan. The event was streamed live on social media platforms, allowing fans from around the world to attend and pay their respects to the late singer.

AR Theater Club actively promotes the arts by organizing various cultural events, workshops and talent hunts. The organization aims to provide a platform to young and emerging artists and encourage them to pursue their interest in performing arts.

With TMS 100, AR Theater Club ( has once again demonstrated its commitment to promoting Tamil Nadu’s rich musical heritage and providing a platform to emerging talents to showcase their talent.