The first look of the short film ‘Kalva’ presented by Maryam Theaters was released yesterday. Actors Ajmal, Dushyant, Jaywant, Sreeman from the cast of ‘Prophet’ got this first look poster released by actress Tanya Ravichandran. Director Zia of the short film ‘Galva’, music director Jatrix, cinematographer Sharan Devkar Shankar, heroine Achaya Jagadish, story writer Afzal, co-director Renga and others participated in this function.

While speaking at the function, Ajmal said, ‘Short films are now being released as big films and are becoming huge hits. There are many examples of that. In that way, the short film ‘Kalva’ should also come to the big screen and achieve success. Congratulations to director Zia and his crew for this,” he said.

Actress Tanya Ravichandran said, ‘I hope the Kalva short film will attract the fans. Happy to get the first look poster of this film. Congratulations to Zia sir, music director Jatrix and the entire crew.

Actor Sriman said, ‘There is no such thing as a big film, a short film or a medium film. People do not fail to celebrate the film as a big hit even if the film is slightly good. Today, many short films are stepping stones to feature films. In that way, ‘Kalva’ should also come as a feature film. Congratulations to Jia and the team of ‘Kalva’ for that. We thought that our film ‘Theerkatharisi’ will be released on May 5th alone and win. In this situation, there is a fear because the short film ‘Kalva’ is also releasing this month. That is the power of the short film.

Actor Dushyant said, ‘Any film needs support from the media. In that way, you (the media) should support the short film ‘Kalva’ and our film ‘Tirkkadarisi’.

Actor Jaywant said, ‘My best wishes to the team of Kalva. On the 5th, the film ‘Tirkkadarisi’ will be released. We definitely need your support for our film and ‘Kalva’.

Talking about the director of ‘Kalva’, Zia said, ‘It is a film with a romantic thriller story. It differs from regular short films and is more like a feature film. No comment on this. Totally entertaining. Some have mistakenly understood ‘Galva’ to mean thief. Kalva means one who has plundered the mind. It is a title taken from Sangha literature. Writers Suba also said that this title would be the best for this story. I have written the screenplay for the short story ‘House Arrest’ written by writer Afzal. Vijay Sanduru, who has acted in some films including ‘181’, is playing the hero. Model and short film actress Achaya Jagadish has played the heroine. Comedian Kaka Gopal is playing the lead role. I would like to thank everyone from my crew including cinematographer Sharan, music director Jatrix, editor Prem, co-director Renga, assistant directors Selva and Dileep. My impression is that if this short film is made into a feature film with Karthi as the hero and Priya Bhavani Shankar as the heroine, it would be better. Because they are the perfect fit for this story. This short film needs media support. I look forward to your cooperation.

Kalva Technicians:

Story – Afzal. Editing – frame. Music – Jatrix. Cinematography – Sharan Devkar Shankar. Co-Director – Renga. Art – Selva. Screenplay, Lyrics, Direction – Zia.

Starring: Vijay Chanduru, Achaya Jagadish, Kaka Gopal.