Kanni’ is a story about unknown people people living in unknown terrains!

Miracles Happened While Shooting: ‘Kanni’ Film Director!

A film is being created by searching and shooting in places where no one hesitates to go, where no one bothers to shoot. That film is ‘Kanni’.

The film is written and directed by Mayon Siva Thorappadi. On behalf of Sun Life Creations Produced by Selvaraj.Ashwini Chandrasekhar played the lead role. Manimaran, Tara Grease, Arimugam – Ram Bharathan and many new faces, Mannin Mindhars have acted.
Cinematography by Rajkumar, Music by Sebastian Satish, Lyrics by Umadevi, Art by Sakthivel Mohan, Fight Training by Ramesh Babu, Editing by Sam RDX.

In film endeavors it is impossible to tell when the story will blossom into a good work. In the moments when you are looking for it, it will show you the trend without being caught. It will show up unexpectedly in another journey. When I went to see the shooting locations for another film, another thought came and it ended up being ‘Kanni’.

When I asked director Mayon Siva Thorappadi about the efforts and shooting experience of the film ‘Kanni’,

When asked about the shooting experience of “Kanni”, we searched for a location for the film. How about it should be a dirt road, no urban changes, no cars, no electricity poles, no cell phone towers. We were looking for such a place. At that time, my friend took me to a place.
A small village in Dhenkanikot taluk in Hosur neighborhood of Krishnagiri district. Bullahalli
A town called Alahalli. I was surprised and amazed when I saw the town. People who once lived well have now mostly left the town.
There is no school, no education in that town. No one gives a girl to marry. So everyone went abroad. There are only four families. There will be family members. There are a few hundred goats and cows. We are shooting after finding such a village. During the shoot, we saw the dry, dry face of the town and the snowy white smoke in December. Two different visions of the same town surprised us

It was only after visiting this town ten times that we mentally got used to it. When the producer was shown the area, he immediately agreed, despite the difficulty of climbing it and the difficulty of going without carriages. This happened because of his love for cinema.

When we were going to shoot in that area, the people of the neighborhood were alarmed that there is a lot of wildlife nuisance and danger.
But with the cooperation of nature and the support of the universe, we completed the shooting safely.
They did it voluntarily, not as a chore. That’s why it was possible.

They said that there is no water in that town. But we got the well. There was water within arm’s reach. There was also a pitcher nearby. It was a miracle. We drank and bathed in it. Similarly, people we met in dark places were known to us supernaturally. Because they said that there are no such people in that town. A lot of miracles happened like this. For this film, the experience is a mix of supernatural, dream, memory and fiction.

The story of this film is that in the middle of the night, a young woman with a one-and-a-half-year-old infant is climbing a mountain in the dark with a lantern in her hand. She goes on the mountain path. The people on the way are frightening. She says she wants to see her uncle. Many people refuse to do so. However, she bravely goes ahead and reaches that town. Even there she returns again because she is not safe. Who is she? It’s not her child. If so who is it? What happened to her? Why are others stopping her? What danger is chasing her? Who are her enemies? What paranormal experiences did he have? That is the story of this movie ‘Kanni’. We are telling…
But the people who are the roots of that soil in that village, the people who have mixed with the soil know the language of that universe.
People who understand it and live. We have told everything about the impact of not understanding in this film. This film talks about our culture, the culture that is rooted in ancient roots, our medicine and traditional pride. Pride, antiquity, tradition and spirituality. There will definitely be a mixture of paranormal, mystery and horror,” he says.