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Produced by Mangadu Amman Movies, Rajaganapathy is playing the lead role in the movie ‘A Padam’. Adapted from Annal Ambedkar’s life story, this film is directed by director Shiva. Megha and Sushmita play the lead roles and Bose plays the lead role.

The music and trailer launch of the film was held this morning at Prasad Label, Saligramam, Chennai. President of the Liberation Tigers of India Thol Thirumavalavan, Deputy General Secretary Vanni Govt, actress and director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, director Dharmaseelan Senthuran and others participated in the event as special guests.

Producer and hero Rajaganapathy said, “Mammootty who played Ambedkar in the Malayalam film Bheem starring Mammootty is the one we can see. But now when you watch this film made in Tamil, you will see only Ambedkar. I have traveled in this story realistically. For some reason the struggle with the sensor has to be done. There are many objections to the film. If the censor certificate is denied to this film, we have plans to release it on OTT,” he said.

Said Siva “The censor officials who saw this film were at a loss to decide what certificate to give it. A group of 15 people, including actress Gauthami, watched this film saying that they are sending it to the revising committee. Leaders Prabhakaran and Karmaveerar Kamarajar who appeared in this film said that the films should be removed. They said, Is Kamaraja greater than Saraswati, show them both equal. They say that the word intellectual weapon should be removed.

In the movie Kashmir Files released in Hindi, the idol of Lord Shiva is burnt.. Everyone appreciates it, but if they want to create awareness by showing the scene of Sai Baba pushing the cart and begging, they say it is insulting. What is wrong in saying that the national flag should be flown at half-mast for the death of farmers and that the national flag should be draped over the body of a dead farmer? A justification for Mani Ratnam who put the scene of burning the national flag in Roja.. a justification for me?

There is a film within this film. A sensor crew is also shown within it. The Censor team has made it a point that there should not be any scene that is highly related to a Tamilian. How can we not talk about Thiruvalluvar? They have said that they have to make corrections in this film at 44 places.

Actress and director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan says, “The smile of the producer of this film, Rajaganapathy, is unique. It’s a smile that reflects what’s in the heart. I was stunned to see the acting dialogue of Rajaganapati who played Ambedkar in this. Any endeavor with dedication will win. Caseless Siva, the director of this film, will also get such a success. People’s minds are currently on hot topics.

I was surprised to see the trailer of this movie. I would like to give special thanks to the editor of this film, LVK Das. It is great to tell about a subject in detail in a film. But it says many things. Many people of today’s generation speak badly about Gandhi and Ambedkar.

Just like an anti-Indian film, this film has also been developed from a new angle. I liked the movie Anti-Indian so much that I called Blue Shirt Maran right away and praised him. Then the blue shirt maran broke a new path in procuring a censor certificate. He said that this film will also get a sensor solution on that track.

Communism is about fighting and loving peace. BJP is not an enemy party. There is no enmity on caste, religion.. domination, oppression and exploitation is the enmity of mankind. There are invisible barriers between each caste. Sister Lakshmi Ramakrishnan boldly calls me Anna because of her faith in democracy. That is the idea of Ambedkar.

At the end of this event, the special guests who came to the function received the trailer of this film by Thol..Thirumavalavan.

Technical team details

Cinematography; Satish

music; By Joss Franklin

collage; LVK Das

Art Director; SK

Stunt Director; Thunder and lightning

Product Manager; Ananda Narayanan

Cashier; Karthik

Associate Director; Saravanan

Assistant Director; Arvindhan Shankar

Assistant Cinematographer Rajasekhar

Designer; Shiva

Public Relations; M.P. Anand