Sathyaraj’s Angaragan Teaser Released

Arjun-Sibiraj-Shantanu Bhagyaraj Released Angaragan Teaser

Angarakan Teaser Released With Sensational Dialogues

No longer the villain; Confirmed by Angarakan Teaser, Satyaraj

‘Angarakan’ is produced by Jomon Philippe and Gina Jomon under Julian & Jerome International. Sripathi is playing the lead role in this film. Sripathi has also written the screenplay and worked as the creative director of this film.

Malayalam actress Nia is playing the lead role and Prachatithamilan Sathyaraj is playing a very important role as a terror police officer. The highlight is that Sathyaraj is back to his villainous avatar with this film.

Angaditheru Mahesh, Raina Karath, Roshan, Appukutty, Diya, Neka Rose, Guru Chandran, KCB Prabhat in lead roles.

The film is directed by Mohan Duchu, who worked as an assistant director to famous Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma. He has also overseen the cinematography of the film.

Now the teaser of this movie is released. Actors Action King Arjun, Sibiraj and Shantanu Bhagyaraj released it.

The teaser, which has been released in a two-minute running time, has the first minute full of Sathyaraj’s satirical dialogues in the style of Peace Corps and the next minute is his villainous character introduction.

This teaser has been made to show that the film has brought back Sathyaraj’s villainous performance and his witty dialogues that we enjoyed watching in the eighties.

“Usually a lion comes to hunt a pack of foxes… but now another fox has come”, “I don’t know how to deceive people by starting a party… I don’t know how to deceive people by saying that I am going to start a party” will undoubtedly create a sensation in the coming days.

Karundel Rajesh, who has contributed the dialogues in films like Soothu Kavvum, Uday Yea Aarya, Marakata Nayanam, etc., has penned the dialogues for this film.

Karthik, who has written more than 125 superhit songs, will make his debut as a music composer with this film.

The work of this film is going on briskly to release soon.

Technical Team Details

Cinematography & Direction ; Mohan Dutch

Screenplay; Movement (Creative); Shripati

Cinematographer (2nd) ; State Govt awardee R. Kalaivanan

verse; Karundel Nagaraj

collage; Pandyan who grew up in Madurai

Fight scenes; Jackie Johnson

dancing; Vasu Navaneethan

Art Director; K Madhavan

executive producer; S. Christie

Product design; Vivek (Primerose Entertainment)

Public Relations; A. John