Popular lyricist Priyan will make his debut in the horror, crime, thriller movie “Aranam”.

Produced by Tamil Thira Koodam Film Company, the film is titled “Aranam”.

Popular lyricist Priyan, who has penned over 500 songs including hit songs like Maskara Poti Mayakuriye, Makayala Makayala, Vela Vela Velayutham, Usumularase Usumularase, Sexy Lady Kitta Vaadi, Manasukkeel Pudu Rami Viluyuthe, will make his debut as the protagonist in this film.

Varsha has played the heroine. Laguparan, the protagonist of movies like Rattinam, Etuthikkum Madayanai, Chatru, and Keerthana have also acted.

Nithin.K.Raj and E.J.Nousad have done the cinematography.

Music – Sajan Madhav
Cinematography – PK
Songs – Priyan, Muruganantham, Bala, Sahana
Art – Palanivel
Stunt – Rugger Ramkumar
Dance – Ramsiva, Sriselvi
Public Relations – Manavai Bhuvan
Produced by Tamil Theater
Story, screenplay, dialogue, direction – Priyan.

Director Priyan shared about the film…

The miracle of life is the unexpected surprises and shocks that happen next minute. This is a story structured in such a way that some events that happen in the life of such a man can never be guessed as great events that he sees when he faces them.

When the zamindar’s prodigal son, who was living in a big zamin house, dies suddenly… and the zamindar also dies in the same house while he is believed to be a ghost… Kadir, who was adopted and brought up by him, moves to the zamin house with his new wife. As they live happily, some paranormal things happen around the bungalow. What are they? It is interestingly told in the form of horror, crime and thriller how Kadir along with his younger brother discovers them full of unexpected mysteries and protects his family.

Aranam is sure to deliver a unique screenplay experience that Kandra has never done before, with the first half of the film being one-way and the second half full of twists and turns.

I have written more than 500 songs as a film lyricist. Now I have come before you as an actor and director. I request you to always give me the same love and support that I gave to the songs. Good will happen. Thanks. 🙂