Water is good.. Tasmac is not good; Radharavi talks about Maveeran Pillai movie

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Alcoholic addicts need psychiatric treatment; Producer K. Rajan’s request at Maveeran Pillai film event

The film ‘Maveeran Pillai’ is produced and directed by KNR Raja under the banner of KNR Movies. Late Veerappan’s daughter Vijayalakshmi has made her film debut by playing the female lead in this film. Actor Radharavi plays a street artist in the lead role. The film will hit theaters on April 21.

This film has been made to create awareness about the atrocities of alcohol that is ruining Tamil Nadu today, and to make people proud of those who lost their lives fighting against alcohol, and that only if such a struggle takes place again, Tamil Nadu can be made a alcohol-free state and the plight of farmers.

Recently, the film was screened for many political party personalities and celebrities from the film industry.

When actor Radharavi speaks after watching the film,
“Let’s get rid of alcohol. Let’s save the people. Let’s save the farmers. Let’s save the women. They have said a good idea in this. I also played a role in this film. When watching the film, it is such a change that one wonders if it is my role. They have shown how good water is but Tasmac is not good.. This is a film that everyone should watch,” he said.

H. Raja, one of the senior leaders of the BJP, speaks,
“It was during Kalaignar’s rule that Tamil Nadu became a liquor-flowing state. Today they are targeting Tasmac. 40 officers are suspended for not showing high income. There will be no show worse than this. Therefore, women should go and see this film, which is made with the aim of eliminating alcohol, even if the men in their homes prevent it. If you say how much alcohol has degraded Tamil Nadu, sister Kanimozhi already has a lot of young widows in Tamilnadu because all the young people die after drinking, so they themselves once voiced that there should be a ban on alcohol in Tamilnadu.

Those who voiced against alcohol for their convenience are today suspending officials who do not sell more alcohol. Only if women protest against this anarchic situation, Tamilnadu will turn around. Many years ago, we used to see advertisements everywhere. But today alcohol has made men so impotent that they seek hospital for childbirth. If there is to be a change in this, films like this should come in large numbers,” he said.

Producer K. Rajan speaks,
“Alcohol is turning people into beasts and destroying families in Tamil Nadu. Artist started bar.. then closed it.. MGR started it again.. then transferred it to a private person.. but after Jayalalithaa came to power he made it a pitiful state where government runs it. There is also the cruelty of setting targets for Diwali Pongal festivals to show more collections this year than last year.

A rehabilitation center should be set up for those addicted to alcohol in which they should be given life-saving and rejuvenating Siddha medicines. Director Raja has made this film to honor the memory of Sasiperumal, who died fighting against alcoholism. Films like this should be supported by the government,” he said.

When Rama Ravikumar, President of the Hindu Tamil Welfare Party spoke,
“I see the kernel of this Maveeran Pillai film that we have seen today as part of the fire of fire in the fight against alcohol in Tamil Nadu. I would like to express my appreciation to the director Raja who has shot this film very well and to the actors who have acted in this film. This government does not know people like Sasiperumal who fought against alcohol and laid down their lives to create a alcohol-free Tamil Nadu.. They only know Rushiperumals who sell alcohol and get income from it.

So what are people like Vaiko Thirumavalavan who raised his voice against Madhu by participating in the funeral procession of Sasiperumal who gave his life for Madurava.. Where are the social activists like Govan who wrote the song “Mutu Tasmac kai Mutu” gone? Whether a student studying in school buys a pass mark or not, the stigma of looking for a Tasmark has developed in Tamil Nadu today. Please know my congratulations for emphasizing the idea that people should make a revolution against liquor and liquor sale in this film and for conveying the necessity of agriculture, the miseries faced by farmers and the necessity of drinking water.

While speaking at Bharat Mata Senthil, General Secretary of Hindu People’s Party,
In the recent times, films are coming in large numbers as a way of degrading the society. But I blame all the political parties who brought alcohol to this politically degenerate society. On every Vivekananda Jayanti, our party leader Arjun Sampath continues to lead protests against alcohol in the name of “Madhu Illa Tamilnadu.. Happy Tamilnadu”. We will always support them for their great efforts to show our outdoor struggles in this film. People should also be supportive.

Apart from alcohol, this movie also shows many problems that are prevalent today. And the film shows all the practical problems of farmers. The success of this film is not only the success of this film crew, but should be seen as the success of the Tamil people,” he said.