Surya’s family visited the Keezhadi Archaeological Museum

Actor Sivakumar’s family today visited the newly built world class museum below.

Excavation was carried out by the Department of Archeology at Keezhadi. A museum was created to display the archaeological material collected in it for public viewing. This world-class museum was opened to the public on March 6. Visitor fees are fixed and collected from today, April 1st.

In this case, actor Sivakumar, his wife Lakshmi Sivakumar, actor Surya, Mrs. Jyotika Surya, their kids Dev and Diya also visited this museum which proclaims the archaeological history of Tamils.
Along with them, Madurai Lok Sabha Constituency member Su. Venkatesan was also present. Finally, the Sivakumar family recorded their thoughts in the registry there.