Produced by-Hustler’s Entertainment

Scripted and Directed by-Satz Rex

Cast-Akil Santhosh, Lavanya, Subramanian, Aaru Bala, Anees, Arvind etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-121 Minutes


Contemporary youngsters pursue their passions firmly to begin with but eventually lose out to either love or other challenging factors which refrain them from travelling towards their set tasks!
Here is a gripping tale of a youth who is very passionate about bikes and his ambition in life is to become a racer!

Akil Santhosh is a perfect choice for the character of the protagonist and evidently, he has put in his best foot forward while enacting the role in a satisfactory manner. Even that school going boy has made his presence effectively as a lad with a liking for automobiles! His smiling face on seeing bikes as well as his appreciative expressions are quite impressive!

Lavanya, the film’s female lead cuts cute and charming but suffers from want of sufficient scope to showcase herself! Yet, she has managed to make a mark, especially in the scene where she confronts the hero in a local train! Romance sizzles like sunshine there!

The film makes a strong statement about individuals pursuing their ambitions persistently without getting diverted towards mundane things and things of lesser importance!

The script leaves behind a strong message to parents too, especially fathers who, in the pretext of doing good to their children, tend to force their ambitions on them, unmindful of whether children too share the same dream!

For instance, Ashwin’s (Akhil Santhosh) dad, Subramanian (Moorthy) tells his son that he is in the verge of constructing a house property for his sake but the son has other ideas!

Parents should try and understand what is in the mind of their children and act accordingly, the message is loud and clear!

One other noteworthy feature of the film is the fact that the good looking hero is family bound and holds respect to both his parents while is never the case in most of the contemporary films wherein grown up boys, ill-treat their parents, especially when they differ in thought and action from their parents.

Right from his childhood, Ashwin is desirous of becoming a bike racer but hid dad Moorthy has other plans for him!

How Ashwin finally reaches his goal post is the interesting rest.

Aaru Bala as mechanic Shiva and Anees as Coach Robin are adequate.

Prabhakar’s cinematography and Barath’s background score add pep to the proceedings…

A movie that is worth a watch.