Produced and Directed by-Na. Arun Karthik

Cast-Master Mahendran, Arati Podi, Kavya Arivumani, Maari etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-142 Minutes all that exciting


Blending horrific elements with humor may prove a good combo but not always does the attempt prove satisfactory!

Young and aspiring filmmakers are aplenty nursing novel thoughts while conceiving and crafting scripts but when they try and translate them on the screen the outcomes aren’t all that exciting!

Here is a classic case to exemplify the above statement!

The screenplay has been set around the lives of three rural youngsters who set out to track the whereabouts of an emotional ghost that is caste-conscious! Thanks to the filmmaker, he has not resorted to the act of deliberating on caste issues and takes sides as the caste based aspects have only been presented as a passing glance in an otherwise tale which is set around the vendetta of a ghost!

The opening sequence of the film is truly brilliant with a good twist. But then on, following that twist, the film travels at a pace that is humor-coated sprinkled with horror most of which stand out as situational comedy!

Master Mahendran just passes muster while the others in the cast most of whom are newcomers, manage to stay afloat!

The film’s strong points are the cinematography and the BGM both of which are contributory to the film’s pace.

A lighthearted flick that is worth a watch while the viewer too is in a lighthearted mood!