Produced by Romeo Pictures Producer Rahul, New Movie Directed by Alphonse Puthran !!!

Actors and actresses flocked to the audition for Alphonse Putran’s new film!!!

Alphonse Puthran is one of the most notable directors in Indian cinema. With his unique screenplay, he’s a stunner every time in technology. While his time, Premam films have attracted attention in India, he is now directing a new film under the production of Romeo Pictures. This film is made in two languages Tamil Malayalam.

Romeo Pictures has produced movies like Nenjuku Neeti, Veetla Vishesam, etc. Currently producing a new film under the direction of director Alphonse Putran.

Ever since it was announced that director Alphonse Putran will be directing the new film under Romeo Pictures, there has been a lot of anticipation among the fans.

Recently, director Alphonse Putharan shared on his social media page that he is looking for actors for his new film with Romeo Pictures and the audition will be held for 7 days and all actors from 15 years to 55 years of age can participate in the audition.

After this news, hundreds of people are flocking to Audison’s office every day. The pre-production work of the film is going on in full swing with the auditions for them. This kind of anticipation for the film even before its release has taken everyone by surprise.

Currently, Romeo Pictures is producing the movie “Baba Black Sheep” directed by Rajumohan. The final stages of the film are in full swing.