‘Yosi’, which is made to change suicidal tendency, will be released on (Apr-7)

After 15 years, Urvashi-Kalaranjani sisters’ movie ‘Yosi’ will release on (Apr-7)

Yosi is produced by J&A Prime Productions. The film will release on (Apr-7).

This film is directed by Stephen M. Joseph. Abhay Shankar plays the lead role and Revathi Venkat plays the female lead. Along with famous actresses Urvashi, Kalaranjani, Archana Gautham, Sam Jeevan, AL Charan, Bhargav Surya, Mayuran, Achu Malavika, Krishna and many others have acted.

Robin Rajasekhar, K. Kumar, V. Arun and AS Vijay have composed music for this film. The background music is composed by Francesco Tresca from Italy. The songs are written by both Ratchagan and music composer V. Arun. Arumugam has done the cinematography for the film. Cinematography is done by Roshan Pradeepji and Rathish Mohanan. Asana scenes are designed by Jackie Johnson.

A student who decides to commit suicide due to fear of facing NEET exam goes to the hill and tries to commit suicide from there. When the attempt fails, he escapes from the forest and embarks on a huge life struggle to survive. It has been developed as a fast-paced thriller focusing on what dangers befell him and whether the student was able to escape from them.

Abhay Shankar, a close relative of actress Urvashi, who has achieved many achievements in acting in the film industry for more than 40 years, will make his debut as the hero. Not only for him, but inspired by the story, Urvashi and her sister Kalaranjani have acted together again after almost 15 years in this film.

actors :

Abhay Shankar (Hero), Revathi Venkat (Heroine), Urvashi, Kalaranjani, Archana Gautham, Sam Jeevan, AL Charan, Bhargav Surya, Mayuran, Achu Malavika, Krishna and others

Technical Artists Details

Production company; j & A Prime Productions

output; j & A Prime Productions & A V I Movie Makers

Script & Direction ; Stephen M. Joseph

Music Composers: Robin Rajshekhar, K Kumar, V. Arun, AS Vijay

Singers : Karthik, K.J. Ayyanar, Jagadish Kumar, Monisha Soundararajan

Lyricist: Rakshagan, V. Arun

Music Rights: MRT Music

Background Music: Francesco Tresca (Italy)

BGM Associate; A.S. Vijay

Cinematography : Arumugam

Action Director: Jackie Johnson

Second Unit Cameramen: Periyasamy & Anand Krishna

Dance: Jay & Diana

Cinematography: Roshan Pratap G – Rathish Mohanan

Dress: Diana

Makeup: Kalaivani

PRO: A. John

Poster Design: Naufal Cutipencil

Title Design: Rithan Vivek, Brahman