Voice is well heard!

Produced by -Lyca Productions

Written and Wielded by-Harish Prabhu

Cast-Arulnidhi, Bharathiraja, Aathmika, Asraf, Subatra Robert, Monekha Siva, Mahindran, Mullaiarasi etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-119 Minutes


Arulnidhi had already played his part with tailor-made perfection in the role of a speech/hearing impaired youth who champions the cause of his dad (Bharathiraja, sensitive portrayal!). It is worth noting that Arulnidhi had depicted a similar character in Brindhavanam (2017) and interestingly, he has bettered his performance here, credit to his previous experience!

A freak accident at a construction site forces Thiru to take his father (Bharathiraja) to a hospital and the events that follow forms the format of the narration tactfully fabricated by the filmmaker.

But the knots he presents in the first half fail to be unbound even in the second half, though there are a good numbers of tense moments that follow one after the other!

The settings at the hospital and the attitudes of the support staff have been realistically painted on the screen and the cast concerned, the lift man included have delivered well.

Thiru decides to revolt and from then on, his efforts seem more focused on retaliation rather that offering remedy to his dad’s woes!

He goes on with his mission with perseverance that he will not stop till his voice is heard!

We ‘hear’ his ‘voice’ finally!

Aathmika as the understanding girl friend of Arulnidhi comes good in her presence and performance.

Sinto Podhuthas’s cinematography is adequate and the same could be said of Sam C.S.’s score.