*”I’m a Chennai boy”- Sai Dharam Tej, hero of ‘Virupaksha’

”I like Tamil, Tamil Nadu”- Actress Samyukta

”The story is the protagonist” – ‘Virupaksha’ producer talk.

”Rajini sir is my inspiration”- Sai Dharam Tej, hero of ‘Viroopaksha’.

“I am a Chennai boy. Actor Sai Dharam Tej, who is making his Tamil debut with the film, said that Superstar Rajini sir is my inspiration for acting in ‘Viroopaksha’.

Telugu leading actor Sai Dharam Tej is playing the lead role in the movie ‘Viroopaksha’ which is releasing in Tamil on 5th of May.

‘Viroopaksha’ is the first film under the direction of debutant director Karthik Varma Dandu. The movie stars Sai Dharam Tej as the hero of the story, paired with actress Samyukta. Sunil, Brahma ji, Ravi Krishna, Ajay and others have acted with them. Cinematography by Samhat Sainuddin, the film is composed by Ajanees Loknath of ‘Gandhara’ fame. N. Prabhakar to write the lyrics for the Tamil version, this movie is being prepared in the mystery thriller genre and has been produced by producer PVSN Prasad on behalf of Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra and director and producer Sukumar on behalf of Sukumar Writings at a huge cost. This movie is produced in Tamil on behalf of Studio Green by producer K. E. Published by Gnanavelraja.

Released on 21st April in Telugu, the film has collected over Rs 65 crore within a week of its release. A promotional event for the film was held at a star hotel in Chennai. During this, on behalf of Studio Green, which publishes in Tamil, producer Thanancheyan and distributor Sakthivelan, producer B. V. S. N. Prasad, director Karthik Varma, actress Samyukta and hero Sai Dharam Tej were present.

Producer Prasad said, “I have been trying to make a film in Tamil for thirty five years. I wanted to work with director S P Muthuraman, Agathiyan and many others. But the right opportunity did not arise. Now I am making my debut in Tamil with ‘Viroopaksha’. The hero of this movie is the story. I hope Tamil fans will like it.”

Producer Dhananjayan said, “I saw this movie on April 21st when it was released in Telugu. It was a wonderful experience of being transported to a new world for two and a quarter hours. Producer B. V. S. N. Prasad believed in the story and made this film with a huge budget. ‘Pushpa’ director Sukumar’s screenplay, debutant Karthik’s direction, Sai Dharam Tej and Samyukta’s acting… everything was exquisite. Producer Gnanavel Raja contacted me and asked me to release this film in Tamil and the film has become a big hit in Telugu. Gnana Vel Raja wanted to make a similar success possible in Tamil too. This movie is an ‘Arundhati’ style movie with emphasis on the heroine of the story. Tamil fans will definitely love the mystical horror thriller ‘Viroopaksha’. The title ‘Virupaksha’ is powerful. I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude to the producer and the team who worked hard to complete the dubbing work of the film quickly and to release the film on May 5th. The film is released by distributor Sakthivelan on behalf of Studio Green. From ‘Arundhati’ to ‘RRR’, many films have been released in Tamil and have been successful. This film ‘Viroopaksha’ will also be featured in that line,” he said.

Saying Sai Dharam Tej, I am an ordinary Chennai. He is a city boy. I studied in school in Adyar in 1991. Although I made my debut as a hero in Telugu and got many hits, I wanted to win as a hero in Tamil for a long time. That dream has come true with the film ‘Viroopaksha’. I am sure that the movie will be a hit in Tamil as well, just like it was in Telugu. I request all the star actors fans in Tamil to watch this movie and support me. I have faith in Tamil people. I would like to take this moment to thank Studio Green Gnanavelraja, Producer Dhananjayan and Distributor Sakthivelan who are releasing this movie in Tamil. Rajini sir is the inspiration for acting in this film. The movie ‘Chandramukhi’ in which she acted, the main focus is on the heroine of the story. Similarly, in this film, the heroine of the story is given importance. The reason I agreed to act in the film was because of the different story and Sukumar’s lively screenplay,” he said.

Actress Samyukta said, “I love Tamil language and Tamil Nadu very much. Thank you for supporting ‘Vaathi’. After that, I acted in the Telugu movie ‘Viroopaksha’. This movie is a must watch movie in theaters. There is a possibility that a movie will be released and watch it in OTD. But ‘Viroopaksha’ is a film to be enjoyed in theatres. Because it can provide a technologically new experience. The grand visual settings, sound… all the highlights of the film are possible only in theatres. This experience is not available on ODD and small screen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone including the producer, director, hero, Studio Green Gnanavel Raja who is releasing it in Tamil. ” said.

Director Karthik Varma said, “I don’t speak naturally in Tamil. However, Tamil film personalities such as Mani Ratnam, Shankar, Karthik Subbaraj, Lokesh Kanagaraj, Vetimaaran and many other talents are highly involved. I like Tamil people’s interest in films. I have seen Tamil films ‘Peecha’ and Nayanthara starrer ‘Maya’. Sukumar sir’s screenplay makes this movie a success. When I first met the guy, he expected a love story from me. But when I told the story of ‘Virupaksha’, he hesitated at first and then agreed. This movie is a must visit theater and enjoy. As Telugu fans welcomed and supported Rajini Sir, Kamal Sir, Surya Sir, Karthi Sir.., Tamil fans will support and welcome Sai Dharam Tej too. ” said.