Produced by-The Great Indian Cinemas

Writer/Director-Rajishh Midhila

Cast-Yogi Babu, Ramesh Tilak, Karunakaran, Oorvasi, George Maryan, Hareesh Paredi, Leela etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-127 Minutes


If one is sincere to oneself in thoughts, words and deeds, our body itself is the habitat of God- this was the maxim promulgated in Anbe Sivam helmed by Sundar C., which had Kamal Haasan as the protagonist with Madhavan in a crucial role, the former as the mentor and the latter as the benefactor!

Here, the same maxim has been propagated in linear style with Yogi Babu as the mentor and Ramesh Tilak as the benefactor.

Ramesh Tilak is Ganesan, an auto-driver is a self-centered youth who puts himself first in a given situation. Though he is a devotee of Lord Ganesa, he earns His displeasure and He disappears in all photos and photo-frames only to the eyes of the selfish Ganesan.

How he mends his ways and gets into the good books of Lord Ganesa is the not quite interesting rest.

The latter half the film set against the backdrop of Rajasthan proves more of a drag!

Ramesh Tilak has been offered a full length role and he has done what he possibly could!

Yogi Babu doesn’t exactly fit into the scheme of things and just moves about his character!

Despite showcasing a commendable theme, the screenplay fails to create a connect!

Watch it for a few funny moments!