Written and Directed by Jude Anthany Joseph

Cast-Kunjacho Boban, Tovino Thomas, Asif Ali, Lal, Narein, Vineeth Srinivasan, Kalaiyarasan, Aparna Balamurali etc


It is but rare that such discerning films hit the screens, creating a big storm at the box-office! Based on the 2018 floods at the God’s Own Country, the film sketches the plight and predicament of the people who had to face the fury of Nature when the rains took over in full swing resulting in huge and heavy damager to people and property!

It is a survival thriller presented in a heart touching manner about the sufferings of the people as well as those who came forward for the rescue act!

Juxtaposing the characters of a young man who had fled from the Army, a television reporter, an IT man, a tourist taxi driver, a fisherman and his family and many others who are living in that neighborhood get victimized when the rains cause havoc causing irreparable calamity to humans and their belongings, the director has tactfully blended everything is a very coherent manner without losing hold neither on the narration nor on the huge cast! A painstaking effort that actually transports the audience to that place of happening as though watching it all from our windows while the rain plays a spoil sport!

The sufferings of a couple with a differently abled son and the manner in which they are rescued as well as the scene where a blind man is saved from definite death while the savior succumbs to the floods-portions that are bound to draw the viewers to the edge of their seats with wet eyes!

Akihl George’s brilliant cinematography and the slick editing of Chaman Chacko are of high standards!

Due mention needs to be made about the audiography of Vishnu Govind and of course, the background score of Nobin Paul deserve definite mention.

A heart moving flick that leaves behind a lasting impact in the minds of the viewers even long after leaving the theatres!

A miss not movie, undoubtedly…