Produced by Kannan Ravi on behalf of Kannan Ravi Group, the press meet of the movie “Ravana Kottam” starring actor Shantanu!

Produced by producer Kannan Ravi on behalf of Kannan Ravi Group, directed by Vikram Sukumaran and starring Shantanu, the film “Iravana Kottam” is an earth-based alternative. The film’s press conference was held yesterday as it is set to hit the screens worldwide on May 12.

In this event

Editor Lawrence Kishore said…
I went to the shooting site of the film for two days but I could not even see Sukumaran sir there. Shooting was so busy. When everyone asked me about him, I told them that we will work together after the shooting. Like that, he came to Chennai within three days after the shoot was over and we both formed a good bond, I learned many things in this film, Shanthanu sir has put in a lot of hard work in this film and surely he will get the results. Thank you for the success of the film.

Cinematographer Vetrivel said..
Vikram Sukumaran sir was the director who most wanted me to work with after Madhayanaik Kutam. It happened, Shantanu was not only an actor but also did all the work in the film. It is very healthy for the film industry to have a great producer like Kannan sir. My congratulations to him the film has come out well everyone should take this to people. Thanks to everyone.

Actor Sanjay said…
This stage is new to me, I have been doing small roles in many films for 12 years. But this film is a blessing for me, I owe a lot to the director Sukumaran sir, I have shed a lot of blood for this film, not only me but everyone has. The biographical aspect of this film is like that, we thought we should compensate for that, the director wanted to take me to a bigger scale, he is like a brother to me and I am thankful for that. Everyone in the film taught me many things, four years of struggle. We have all worked day and night, thank you for your support.

Art Director Narmada said…
Thanks to Shanthanu and director Sukumaran sir for giving me a chance in this film, it was a great experience and I learned many things, the film turned out well. Congratulations to all.

Actress Deepa said..

Acting in Ravana Kottam was like going to school hall, even if you act for one day from Sukumar sir, you can learn what is acting, I used to listen to Prince Annan’s speech in many places, it was a pleasure to work with him in this film, brother Shanthanu used to get along with me, thanks to all the crew. Thanks.

Actor Prince said..

Hats off to Narmada, the art director of this film, and big hats off to Vikram Sukumaran as cinematographer and editor, both of whom are very difficult to work with, in this film they have talked about politics in the southern district. As you will know after watching the movie, there are many hardships in the south. Water is a big problem and the reasons for that have been discussed in this film, I know the director for many years. I went to a town near Madurai for a film work and one day I went to a man’s house and drank water and it was his house and after many days he told me that I was very happy. Shandanu is a young man who is struggling for success this movie will definitely be a success, my sincere thanks to producer Kannan sir, you should take this team’s hard work to the people. Thanks to everyone.

Music composer Justin Prabhakar said..

Madhayanaik khootam is a wonderful piece of work, director Vikram Sukumaran is a pleasure to work with sir, he has put in a lot of hard work, Shanthanu has worked very hard on this film, it will definitely be appreciated by all, thanks to producer Kannan and crew.

Actress Kayal Anandi said,

3 years of work. We are very happy that this film is ready to release after overcoming many hurdles, we have worked tirelessly for this film. Vikram Sukumaran is a great cinematographer,…
Thank you very much. I am very happy that this film is the most awaited film after Chakrakatti. Apart from the actor in this film, I also got to see the production work, the production was very difficult work and the crew had a lot of experience, everyone worked for days without sleep for the film. A big thank you to everyone. I have learned many things in these four years, after watching the film I was very satisfied, I was happy that we are going to play a village boy but it is not that easy, I have done bleeding feet, I have never done this in any film, I am not the only one, everyone has struggled like this, in this film. Talked about politics in south district, this will be a quality piece, everyone should support our work thanks.

Director Vikram Sukumaran said..

I didn’t even smile and talk in this film, it’s a bit of a guilt trip, but thanks to everyone who talked me out of it. I thought I should cast Prince Annan in my film 15 years ago, I am very proud to cast him in this film, I am a stubborn director and I apologize for not showing mercy to anyone. But I will continue to be like that, that’s my habit, that’s the responsibility given to me, I owe a debt of gratitude to all the film crew, this film was made in a huge crisis, thanks to everyone who supported it. Actor Shanthanu has put in a lot of effort in this film, he has taken a huge burden on his head and this film will be a name making work for him. It will definitely be a huge hit, thanks to the producer Kannan sir and thanks to all the crew. I request the journalists to bring this to the people, thank you.

In this film, Shantanu plays the lead role and Kayal Anandi plays the heroine. Written and directed by director Vikram Sukumaran, music composed by Justin Prabhakaran. Lawrence Kishore has done the editing. Producer Kannan Ravi has produced the film on behalf of KRG Group Of Companies. “Ravana Kottam” will hit theaters worldwide on May 12.