The first look poster of the movie “Bhai – Sleeper Cells” released by three religious leaders!

Hindu, Muslim, Christian, religious leaders released the first look poster of the movie “Bhai – Sleeper Cells”!

Usually the first look, poster and trailers of the film are released with celebrities from the film industry. But in a different attempt, three religious leaders have come together to release a poster of a movie. The film is “Bhai Sleeper Cells”.

This film is written and directed by Kamalanathan Bhuvan Kumar.
Krishnaraj, Sri Nia and Aadhava Easwara have jointly produced the film on behalf of KRS Filmdom.
Krishnamurthy has done the cinematography for the film. The music is composed by Jithin K Roshan who has already composed music for Tamil films like Thoratti, Thikkulikumm Pacchi Maram and some Malayalam and Telugu films. Editing Idris.The film is released by PVR Pictures.

When director Kamalanathan Bhuvan Kumar talks about the film,

“Aadhava Eshwara and I are friends. We planned to make another film together. But it required a lot of shooting at night. Due to the Corona period, there were big problems. So we thought of an alternative plan. That’s how this story came about. Aadhava gave this idea as a lead. Expanding on that, the screenplay was developed.This is a NON-LINEAR type of film.The first half of the film will be questions and the second half will be answered.

Religion is a powerful tool to influence politics today.
With the tool of religion
This film talks about how some people are doing the brutality of bombings by exploiting the weakness of people and brainwashing them to become slaves to an ideology. The only aim of the film is that humanity is superior.

Aadhava Easwara is playing the lead role in this movie. Nikisha is the heroine and Dheeraj Kher is the villain. He has produced films like Highway, Karuppasamy Tenant, Kokki. He played an important romantic role in Batu Thala.

“Bhai – Sleeper Cells” screenplay format is completely new and it will be a different experience for the audience. The hero Aadhava Easwara has done all the tough exercises for this film and has done well to feel the character. Let’s show Indoor Location 2 Set for the movie, Outdoor Location was all shot live – that’s what the movie required and was very challenging. We completed the shooting of the film in 23 days.
The film has received a U/A certificate.
PVR Pictures to release the film all over Tamil Nadu is a great hope for us. Efforts are also underway to publish in Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam.

We thought about who should publish the posters. Usually, if it is published with people involved in cinema, it is known normally. We thought it would not get much attention. So we decided to release it in a different way through the concept of the film. So we tried to publish it with three different religious leaders and it paid off.

Arjun Sampath, founder of Hindu People’s Party, on behalf of Hinduism, and former MLA, State Secretary of Indian Muslim League, on behalf of Islam.
K. A. M. Muhammad Abubakar, on behalf of Christianity, Apostolic Church of India, Bishop Dr. S. M. We published three religious leaders namely Jayakumar.

Tamil Nadu Journalists Association President D. S. R. said that generally there should be one. We released the poster of this film in a nursing home with four people including Subhash.

All three hesitated when they saw the title of the film. What title does this look like? They said. But when we explained to them the story of the film and the purpose of the film, they agreed in faith even though they had not seen the film.
Our thanks to them.

All three said that such wrong doings in the name of religion should be condemned and prevented and we have our support for it. We consider this to be the first hit for our film.

“Boy-Sleeper Cells” is slated to release in June, said director Kamalanathan Bhuvan Kumar.