Sathya Jyothi Films, T.G. Thyagarajan

‘Veeran’ starring hip hop Tamizha Adhi directed by ARK Saravan of ‘Maragadha Nanaayam’ fame!

Sasi, an actor and popular YouTuber who participated in the event said, “It is a dream for me to have such a platform through YouTube, which I started with my friends in Coimbatore with just dreams of cinema. Thank you all at this moment. First of all I will start with the director of this film. I have acted in a film and it has been released. When will it hit the screen next?” Saravan sir’s AD took me to his office and told me the story when I was longing to see me. He gave me a huge character called ‘Shakkarai’. I am also thankful to the production company Sathyajyothi Films. It was a good experience working with Prasanna and Adira. ‘ When the film came out, I was doing the rounds as Tanda Vinay. I am his biggest fan. I didn’t have any combination scene with him in the film. So I waited for Vinay to do the dubbing and finished mine. For many YouTubers who didn’t know how to go to cinema from Coimbatore, Adi Anna is the biggest. Inspiration. Bringing every YouTuber in every film is something to be admired. I had a lot of doubts about the film. He explained it all patiently. People should continue to give me love in cinema as they have supported me on YouTube. Thanks!”

Actress Adira said, “Thanks to Sathya Jyothi Films, the production company of the film, and director Saravan Sir, who believed in me and gave me this role. Adi Sir is the best co-star. He helped me in a lot of things in the film. Thanks to everyone. The film is releasing on June 2. Watch and tell me.”

Actor Kali Venkat said, “After ‘Mundasupatti’, I am confident that Munishkanth and I have given a good comedy in this film. This film will be enjoyed by children in the theater as a family. It was a pleasure to work with Adi Sara. Satya Jyoti produced the first such nativity superhero story in Tamil. Thanks to Films. Director Saravan has shot the film well. Thanks to all the technicians of the film”.

Actor Vinay said, ” After almost 15 years, I will be acting again in a film produced by Sathyajothi Thiagarajan sir. He is one of the best producers. When the director of this film, Saravan, asked if I would agree to act in this film, I immediately agreed. Because if it is a superhero film, how are they going to make it believable?” Like you, I had a curiosity. Next is Adi. He is very friendly. He is a good actor, singer, music director. He has many talents. I believe that when a team is united, the film will be successful. It is in ‘Veeran’. The technical team did their best work. have given”.

Sakthivelan of Shakti Film Factory said, “After a long time, I have made a relaxing film. The team of the film has done everything beautifully, including the promotional work. This film has given me the feeling of taking a mother who cooks in the kitchen every day outside a hotel to eat. It is a good film. It is releasing as a children’s film on 2nd June as a holiday celebration as if it will create a space for itself. Satya Jyoti Films has given a hit for every generation and is giving it to all generations. Wish ‘Veeran’ a huge hit in that line”.

Director ARK Saravan said, “Thanks to producers Thiagarajan sir and Arjun sir for approaching this story with confidence. Adhi sir knew this story before. As a superhero, this film required a lot of work. Adhi has given time and patience to us and has been cooperating with us till date. .This is the story of Pollachi. We needed a suitable face for it and we found Adira.She learned Tamil very hard and acted. Congratulations to her Muneeskanth,Kali Venkat, Badri, Sasi, Chinni Jayant all acted well. You will have seen in the trailer itself that the music of the film is very good. For this film. Music is very important. I am happy that it has turned out well. Everyone has given their best in the film. There are some films that will remain in our memories even after the passing of time. I am confident that ‘Veeran’ will be like that. The film releases on June 2 and tell me.”
Actor Adhi said, “Thank you to everyone who came! This is my third film with Sathya Jyothi Films. I am confident that it will be a success like the other two films. Thiagarajan sir’s second son Arjun is good for me.
He asked us to make a series of films from the time of ‘Nadpe Paap’. His faith in me was immense. Thanks to him and Thiagarajan sir for encouraging me whenever we meet. Next is director Saravan. He was introduced to me when he was making music for ‘Today Today Tomorrow’. This film has the most action in the films I have done so far. All the action scenes are on the horse. We implemented it thinking that we have to learn properly for that. He was with me for almost six months on this trip. Beyond work only some people become friends in our life. Saravan is one of them for me. I look forward to continuing to work on this. He has to touch even bigger heights with this film. Vinay Annan is the super villain of this film. The fact that he agreed to act in this film made the film even bigger. Thanks to him. Kali Annan and Muneeskanth Annan, who are acting with all the superstars in Tamil cinema today, have acted in the comedy of this film. If this film is a success, their role is also very big. Adira is from Kerala. He learned a lot of Tamil by the time the film was over. He will learn more Tamil and act better in the subsequent films. He will reach even greater heights for his efforts.

We consider it our privilege to bring new talent in every film. Thanks to Sasi, his Nuckalites team and Temple Monkey for their cooperation in this film. Thanks to Master Appu and John who inspired me to ‘can do’ after a six month period of horse training before this picture was taken during three months. Santhosh Master who traveled with me since the beginning like ‘Single Basanga’ and ‘Kerala Dance’ has choreographed this too. He worked a lot on those earthy dance moves for this story and taught us the same. I have learned a lot more from this film than acting. Being an earth-based superhero, Keerthy used to trial a lot of clothes. Likewise, all the technicians in the film have given excellent work. Be it Superman or Iron Man, our local supermen are always special. As a 90’s kid, Shaktiman is always nostalgic for me. Now, the opening of the school has been postponed. Before that, you can definitely bring this ‘Veeran’ movie and show it as a family with children. After another 10 years for them, ‘Veeran’ will be a memorable superhero. There is not a single scene in the film that makes you cringe. We are experimenting with many new things in music as well. Watch the film and share your views.”