Bharathiraja refused to direct a film with Vijay!
Vijay Appa S.A.Chandrasekhar’s Blooming Memories!!

Durai Weerashakti is producing the film under WOW Media, Thankar Bachchan’s “Karumegangal Kalaiginrana”. Composed by GV Prakash, the song release ceremony was held at Chennai Kalaivanar Arangam with a dance performance.
Revolutionary Director S.A. Chandrasekhar spoke as follows

Because we love cinema, it will love us in some way. For example, first I directed, produced, distributed and now I am acting at this age. I have directed many films. I have earned a lot of money from it. But Tanger did not earn a name like Bachchan. He is committed to making films organically, not only in agriculture, but also in film, and you should see it. I am happy to have acted in his direction at this age. Bharathiraja and I came to cinema from the same town during the same period. But he became a director first. I asked him for an assistant directorship. He refused saying he couldn’t. I made an album to make Vijay an actor. Why did you bring me? He implicitly refused saying that you are a great director, direct yourself. I wanted to become his assistant director, but it didn’t happen. I wanted to cast my son in his direction, but that didn’t happen either. But Thangar Bachchan cast both of us as friends in the same film. Like him, I took the album to Gautham Menon. He also refused. That’s a good thing too, otherwise Vijay wouldn’t have become a commercial hero. He thanked God for that!