Enjoy the divine effulgence of Lord Sriram through the song Jai Sri Ram released by Adipurush film crew !!!

The song ‘Jai Sriram’ featured in the movie “Adipurush” has attracted not only our country but also the world. Following the release of the much awaited teaser of the film in all languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, fans are eagerly waiting to watch the film. Composed by legendary music duo Ajay-Atul and featuring powerful lyrics by Manoj Mundashir, this extraordinary song is a wonderful symbol of Lord Sriram’s strength and power.

Not only with eye-catching visuals, the song has been performed by music duo Ajay-Atul and 30+ singers. The song is a mesmerizing experience, created in a wonderful way with Nasik melam and ‘Jai Sri Ram’ chant.

Adipurush is a masterpiece directed by Om Raut, produced by Bhushan Kumar and starring a stellar cast including Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Keerthy Sanon, Sunny Singh and Devadatta Nagy. With its mesmerizing melody, awe-inspiring magical visuals and mind-blowing storytelling, ‘Jai Sri Ram’ is more than just a song. This is a wonderful song that represents the power and greatness of chanting the name of Lord Sri Ram.

Expressing the true essence and glory of Raghav, the song ‘Jai Sri Ram’ has been created to leave listeners in awe of his divine power. Devoted to a divine voice and soul-stirring composition, the song has become a cultural phenomenon and an inspiration to millions.

Link to song (Tamil): https://bit.ly/JaiShriRam-Tamil

Directed by Om Raut, “Aadipurush” T-Series is produced by Bhushan Kumar & Krishan Kumar, Om Raut, Prasad Sudhar and Rajesh Nair of Retrophiles. The film will release worldwide on 16 June 2023.