Writers should be celebrated in Tamil Cinema – Music Composer Shaun Roldan

Actor Manikandan will rise as a commercial star – Director Balaji Sakthivel

  • Not only women.. men can also cry. Ramesh Tilak*

Produced by MRP Entertainments and Million Dollar Studios by producers Nasareth Baslian, Mahesh Raj Baslian and Yuvraj Ganesan, directed by debutant director Vinayak Chandrasekaran, actors Manikandan, Ramesh Thilak, Balaji Sakthivel, actresses Meetha Raghunath, Rachel Reppakka, Kausalya Natarajan. It was cast and released in theaters on 12 May and was a critical and commercial success. Following this, all the actors and technicians who worked in the film unitedly thanked the fans and the media for the success.

A special thanks giving event was held in Chennai. Producers Mahesh Raj Pasliyan, Yuvraj Ganesan, actors Balaji Sakthivel, Ramesh Thilak, Manikandan, actresses Meetha Raghunath, Rachel Rebaga, Kausalya Natarajan, Uma, cinematographer Jayant Sethu Madhavan, music director Shaun Roldan, lyricist Mohan Rajan, art director Srikanth, cinematographer Bharat Vikraman. , Director Vinayak Chandrasekaran, Distributor Sakthi Velan, Creative Producer S. B. The film crew including Sakthivel participated.

Speaking on the occasion, distributor Shakti Velan said, “First of all, thanks to the producers who have entered the field as a newcomer to the Tamil film industry and have completed the work of the film ‘Good Night’. The first meeting was held with the producers to complete all the work of the film and release it in theatres. The producers were vibrant and enthusiastic at the meeting itself.

A lot of quality films are being prepared these days. How do films, which are a joint effort of producers, directors, actors, technicians, get released in theaters and get popular response? How much does it charge? When you think about it, everyone feels an unfathomable fear. In such circumstances I would advise the producers to complete the digital platform sales of your work first and then discuss the theatrical release. But the crew of ‘Goodnight’ told me from the very first meeting, ‘We have created a work that people can celebrate’. Their speech, faith, thought.. guided them towards success.

The overall confidence of the Good Night team was evident during the film’s release and reached out to the fans. Success is usually something to celebrate. The success of this movie should be celebrated manifold. Good Night is a good role model for the Tamil film industry, for those who create quality work and for people like me who are waiting for good films to release in theatres.

The team of Good Night has re-instilled the idea that if people deliver quality work that they can enjoy, they will come to the theaters and enjoy it and make the film a success.

This movie dispels the idea that people generally enjoy some quality movies only on digital platforms called ODT. Made in the melodrama genre, Good Night collected what it collected on its first day. On the third day it collected three times more. A small example of this is the Kamala theater in Chennai which was screened with only one screen on the first day, while ‘Good Night’ was allotted five screens on the second and third days. The film has surpassed the expected success in theaters and has become a huge success. Fans who have seen the film are celebrating the hero Manikandan as ‘Chinna Vijay Sethupathi’.

The journalists and the media are the first to announce that the film will be a success than all these, and they are making the film a success by adding positive and consistent criticism to the people. I would like to thank the media and the media for this,” he said.

Director Balaji Sakthivel said, “The director met me and gave me the entire script to read. It is difficult to make a film from a screenplay written on paper into a visual language on the white screen, through background music and in a way that communicates easily with the audience. Director Vinayak has handled this with ease. He has also succeeded in selecting talented actors for each character. I heartily welcome Vinayak, a debutant director with such subtle personalities.

Thank you also to the producers who believed in the story narrated by the youth army and made the production based on the story of snoring.

Manikandan, the hero, gives a very accurate performance. I am amazed to see his performance on the set. In the world of Hindi cinema there is a talented artist named Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Manikandan is a talented actor like him. I congratulate the director Vinayak who found him and cast him in the lead role in the film. Manikandan has all the qualifications to become a popular actor and a star-rated actor. It is my hope that he will go even higher in the Tamil film industry in the future.

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to my fellow artists, cinematographer, editor, art director, music composer, lyricist and other technical artists who worked in the film. ” said.

Actor Ramesh Tilak said, “First of all, I would like to thank you, the journalists, for first reviewing the film and creating an impression of Good Night among the people. Next, I would like to thank the assistant directors who have been working tirelessly for this film till now. Meet the producer and shoot once you trust us all… Aren’t you scared? I asked. To which he replied, ‘I have made a film about the success and failure of the film that gives satisfaction to the heart. I got this happiness on the shooting set itself. I would like to express my special thanks to him for this.

I have acted in the film ‘Shut Up’, the film’s music director Shaun Roldan’s debut. Eight years later, I have acted in this film composed by him. Even if we work hard and act in a scene.. the background music enhances that scene and adds our talent to the audience.

Director Vinayak subtly observed some things in my mind and gave me a suitable role. He had earlier approached me for a short film and narrated the story. I was really surprised when I heard that story. But it was not fulfilled. Instead he gave a stronger character in the film.

Not only women but also men can cry. There is no gender restriction on crying. In the film, Mohan’s mother asks Mohan’s wife, ‘Isn’t there something special?’ It was appropriate for the heroine to respond. Director Vinayak’s script at this point- was a reflection of society. Because I have been through this in my life too. I would like to thank the director and the crew for giving me such a good opportunity.

Producer Bharat Vikraman said, “This is the first film I am working as a producer. We have read all the reviews published for the film. We have also discussed its pros and cons. It has taught us a new experience.. I have traveled with director Vinayak for three years. His style of storytelling is different. All the artists who worked in the film gave their full cooperation. For the final stages of the film, the producer gave complete freedom to work. I thank him for this too.”

Cinematographer Jayant Sethu Madhavan said, “I joined this crew very late. I attended a story discussion with the director only ten days before the start of the shoot. Usually I work on the film only after participating in the pre-production work for two or three months. But when I talked to the director of the film, he had a clear understanding about the work and the visual structure. He was very clear about how the montages in particular should come about. It was easy for us to work with. I would like to thank all the actors, actresses, technicians, assistant directors and assistant cinematographers who worked in the film.

Producer Mahesh Raj Bhaslian said, “This is the first film under our MRP Entertainment company. The idea of making a film in Tamil has been there since 2014. I was younger in that environment and could not prepare. Producer Yuvraj Ganesan was in my close circle of friends. Can he tell the story of this film and make it? When asked, I agreed to co-produce.

Through this film, I am realizing that if you present a quality work in collaboration with good intent…
They will say I learned this firsthand through the success of this film.

All the actors and technicians from Manikandan gave their hard work in the film. It is said that a quality successful work- attracts to itself what it needs. This is possible in the film Good Night.

I am a cinema buff since my childhood.. In our town when the movie ‘Jeans’ was released they used to advertise the modern sound design as ‘Rajesh TDS’. I eagerly went to that theater on my bicycle to watch it.

Originally, I had planned to produce only Yuvraj for this film. At one point I also discussed film production with my mother. They also willingly told their father and got his consent. After that we heard the story of the film. If everyone liked it, father also invested in the film. This makes film production tasks easier.

I assure you that we, along with producer Yuvraj Ganesan, will deliver only quality films. In the past period ‘AVM’, ‘Super Good Films’, A. M. I would like to inform you that we will work hard to ensure that our company’s works get the same recognition as the works of production companies like Ratnam.

Creative Producer S. B. Sakthivel said, “I have been working as the thunder bearer of this film since its inception. On December 1, 2021, Yuvraj contacted me and said, ‘Listen to the story of this film. If it is good, we will work together’ he said. After that I asked director Vinayak about the story of the film in a studio. I don’t always react when I hear a story. After listening to the whole story, I said I will reply the next day and left. After that the next day I said this story will definitely be a hit.

We made a list of who should act in the film.. Most of them have acted in this film. First we had written Manikandan’s name as the hero. We had also written Ramesh Tilak’s name. None of this has changed. Because I had immense faith in the story. A week after that we met Nayagan Manikandan. Manikandan took four months to work on the film. After that, without focusing on anything else, he traveled with faith only in this film.

We met Sakthivelan without any hesitation to complete the work of the film and release it. Because I have worked with him in the films ‘O My God’ and ‘Bachelor’. His hard work and attitude are known. He has promised success while giving his full cooperation while approaching for this film. I would like to express my gratitude to him at this moment.”

Actress Kausalya Natarajan said, “I have seen this movie twice in theaters with friends and relatives. The younger generation is increasingly visiting theaters and enjoying the film. This surprised me. I enjoy their bursts of laughter during certain scenes in theaters and share it with the director. I was blown away by Manikandan’s performance. I was amazed to see Ramesh Tilak’s performance. This is the first time I have acted as a director’s wife. I have worked with talented directors like Vasanth. But his approach was different when working with young director Vinayak. Liked it a lot. Working naturally with fellow actresses and technicians on the sets was unforgettable,” he said.

Lyricist Mohan Rajan said, “After writing a song for a film, how do the scenes of the song look like? Every songwriter has expectations and worries about that. And so it goes for the composer. But in this film the songs were written only after all the scenes were shot. After that, the fear that our work and contribution should be more than this stuck.

It only took ten days to write the first song. After that I fully understood the director’s expectations. After that I expected that they would give me only one chance to write a song. But I got the opportunity to write all the songs for the film. For this I would like to express my gratitude to music composer Sean Roldan, director Vinayak Chandrasekaran and the producer.

Composer Sean Roldan said, “There was an honesty and a realness to all the reviews of Good Night. The perception of a film is what secures the film’s business. No matter what the crew raves about the movie, it will only get attention if the media confirms it. Star actors are no exception to this. If the film industry is running healthy amid fierce competition, it is because of the support of the media. I thank the media for this.

It was the media reviews of ‘Joker’, which I worked on, that took it to the right heights. This has proven once again that whenever quality work is published.. it has support in the media.

First I read the script of the film completely. I read because I have the habit of reading. Why should a composer be give…
[15:24, 5/19/2023] Gold: I would like to thank director Shawn Roldan. ” said.

Actor Manikandan said, “The film’s success was decided only after your fair and steady criticism as journalists. Just because we have made good films does not give us satisfaction. The success of the movie depends on how well it releases in the theaters and gets the support of the people. Distributor Sakthivelan realized the quality of the film ‘Chillu Karupatti’ which was made with a small investment and released it in theatres. It makes me even more happy that he has worked for this film and made it a success.

When I met the director and listened to the story, I liked the way he told the story. He would pause while telling the story and say that this music will take place at this point. He then narrates the rest of the story while the music plays. Then he stops the music and starts telling the story from another scene. The way he understands the story and the way he conveys it clearly is what made him want to act in this film.

I also liked the way he handled the pressure of being a first-time director. He had the maturity to realize and accept the truth in that moment no matter who gave the opinion for the success of the film.

Some of the producers of the film said that they are shooting with Manikandan..? Is it necessary? They have threatened. He replied that he has faith in this story, Manikandan and the crew of this film. I would like to take this moment to thank the producer for having faith in me when I had no such faith in myself.

I am involved in script discussions with director Vinayak for this film. At the same time, Bharat Vikraman, the producer of the film, was involved. This surprised me.

My friendship with Ramesh Tilak is different. Just like Vijay Sethupathi is like a brother .. a guide .. to me.. Ramesh Thilak also cares about my development. It was because of him that I was introduced to this film crew. All the artists who worked with me on this film were friendly and courteous. That experience is unforgettable.

It was only after Sea Roldan agreed to compose the music for the film that many accepted it as a film. He has also worked hard for the film and made today’s success possible,” he said.

Director Vinayak Chandrasekaran said, “I consider the virtue of success is to mention the names of all those who worked for the success of the film on this stage.

Creative Producer S P Sakthivel, Executive Producer Harish, Cinematographer Jayant Sethu Madhavan, Cinematographer Bharat Vikraman, Art Director Srikanth, Music Composer Shaun Roldan, Lyricist Mohan Rajan, Costume Designer Praveen and Pradeepa, Actors Manikandan, Balaji Sakthivel, Ramesh Thilak, Actress Meetha I would like to take this moment to thank everyone like Raghunath, Rachel Rebecca, Uma, Kausalya Natarajan, Amudha.

After writing a story, it first goes to the board of directors. Starting from that moment, their tireless work continues till this moment when the film’s success is celebrated. It is to them that I express my first gratitude.

All films are made in collaboration. A film cannot be made by an individual. I believe this is the beauty of art. And you, the journalists, are doing the work of bringing the film made by the hard work of actors, actresses and technicians to the people. After the press release of the film, the review you gave.. the writings.. were the most important for the success of the film. For this, the team of ‘Good Night’ owes you a debt of gratitude.

How many theaters will this small investment film get? On what date will it be released? With which films will it release? We were apprehensive. I would like to take this moment to thank the distributor Sakthivelan who removed our fears and gave us a theater and gave us a hand up.

It is said that a first-time film director faces various crises and pressures. But I don’t have any pressure… crisis… I made the film with complete freedom without compromising the story I had written to the slightest extent. I would like to record this here.

The reason why it is natural not to jump and celebrate the success of this film is due to the friendship and conversation with Manikandan, who played the hero in the film.

I met director Balaji Sakthivel for the film and presented the script to him. It was really nice that he read it and appreciated it. It was an unforgettable experience to work on the set with the director’s priority and importance.

The production house assembled all the actors to read the script of the film. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and opportunity for a healthy conversation.

In the scene where an astrologer is talking in the film, I had set Ramesh Tilak to answer him first. Rachel, the actress who played the older sister, asked, ‘Do men still have to intercede for women?’ he asked. I froze at the intensity of his speech. After that we discussed with Manikandan and changed the conversation to what my sister was talking about. I would like to take this moment to thank the actor Rachel for the applause that I get while watching this scene in the theatre. ” said.