Produced by-MIK Productions

Director-Shravana Shakthi

Cast-Vemal, Tanya Hope, Bose Venkat, Vinodhini, Muthupandi, Keerthana etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-121 Minutes


The film’s theme seems laudable enough but the same cannot be said of the execution that is good enough only in some portions and hence the sum total of the film in entirety leaves the audience craving for more!

The nucleus of the plot is about the hardships faced by an auto driver who takes up the cause of exploitation of women! He launches a battle against social evils and the screenplay narrates as to how he goes about the task!

Vemal is the pivot of the proceedings and has virtually carried the film on his shoulders!

Tanya Hope looks fetching while Vinodhini is in her usual vibrant self!

Vijay Sethupathi’s dialogue sparkle at crucial moments like the cinematography of Wide Angle Ravi.

Kanal Kannan’s stunt choreography deserves mention.

Had the director strengthened the screenplay with some more of substance, the film would have been far better…