Produced by-Yamini Films

Directed by-Paparao Biyyala

Cast-Sarman Joshi, Shriya Sharan, Shaan, Gracy Goswami, Prakashraj, Leela Samson etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-129 Minutes


Kiran Deohans’s brilliant cinematography is the USP of this well made musical, scored in well by Ilaiyaraja.

The beauty of Goa has been showcased breathtakingly!

The theme is about a School of Music opened by Arman Joshi where Shriya Sharan joins as the music teacher.

A bunch of students from the neighbourhood join the Music School. Some parents patronize while some others don’t!

A musical play of the famous musical feature, The Sound of Music (1965) is planned but things get difficult as working difficulties surface at the base station.

Hence a trip to Goa is planned so that rehearsals could be held.

All that begins well, ends well in the tense filled climax set against a soothing musical backdrop when I am 16, running 17 song is depicted.

The second half moves at a better pace than the first.

A feel good movie.