The upcoming movie ‘Por Thozhil’ is directed by Vignesh Raja, a debutant director. In which Ashok Selvan, R. Sarathkumar, Nikila Vimal and many others have acted. Cinematography by Kalachelvam Sivaji and music by Jakes Bijoy. Indulal Kaveed has done the art direction to oversee the editing work of Sreejith Sarang. This investigative thriller genre film is jointly produced by Applause Entertainment, E4 Experiments and Eprias Studios. The press meet of this movie which is going to release on 9th June was held in Chennai.

Pramod Seruviah of Applause Entertainment, Sunil Sainani, Mukesh Mehta of E4 Experiments, Sandeep Mehra of Eprias Studios, distributor Sakthivelan, director Vignesh Raja, cinematographer Kalachelvam Sivaji, co-writer Alfred Prakash, actors R. Sarathkumar, Ashok Selvan, actress Nikila Vimal and many others participated.

Speaking on the occasion, Applause Entertainment’s South Zone President Pramod Seruviah said, “Our Applause Entertainment Company has been working in the film industry for five years. We have created many web series. We have produced and presented successful web series in Tamil like ‘Kruthi Kalam’ and ‘Iru Dhruvam’. We have been involved in direct film production in Tamil with the film ‘Por Urayy’. A very different movie. Director Vignesh Raja has given the fans a fantastic Investigative Thriller genre movie. We can expect such quality works from our company. We are sure that the film ‘Por Urayy’ will appeal to all parties.”

Sandeep Mehra, President of Eprias Studios, said, “Did everyone like the preview of this movie? If you liked it, I request you to go and watch the movie on June 9th and support me.”

Sunil Sainani, Head of Film Business, Applause Entertainment, said, “I am thankful to Mukesh Mehta of E4 Experiments and Sandeep Mehra, President of Eprias Studios, who co-produced this film with Applause Entertainment. Director Vignesh Raja narrated the story of the film for thirty minutes through an online meeting during the Corona period. But while watching the film, he had made it many times more elegant than what was described through the website. I heartily appreciate director Vignesh Raja for this. Sarathkumar, Ashok Selvan and Nikila Vimal have acted wonderfully in this movie. I hope everyone will like this movie.”

Mukesh Mehta of E4 Experiments said, “We decided to make the film under the direction of a newcomer director. Loved the story narrated by director Vignesh Raja at that moment. Whoever Vignesh Raja told the story to, everyone said in unison that ‘the story was good’. After hearing the story of the film, actor Ashok Selvan agreed to act in the production of Applause Entertainment. Sandeep from Eprias Studio and we worked together as he was in good touch. We went to Sarathkumar’s house and negotiated to cast him in the film. This film will be liked by all parties. Shakti Velan from Shakti Film Factory, which releases this movie all over Tamil Nadu, is well known. He is a hard worker. He has also undertaken the work of releasing the film in theaters so that it can reach the fans of all walks of life.

I request everyone to go to theaters and watch movies. If a movie hits the theaters and becomes a success, the film industry will run healthy. Stars earn fame only after a film hits theaters and becomes a success. I request you to go to the theaters and enjoy the movie ‘Por Uray’.”

Distributor Sakthivelan said, “I have seen the movie War Industry. The film has turned out well. Prepared as a quality work. Producer Mukesh Mehta had revealed about the film four months back. This movie will give you a feeling that is more than what you felt after watching the movie ‘Rakshasan’.

Applause Entertainment is working hard to plan and produce the movie ‘Bor Uya’ and promote it.

People like Sarathkumar, Ashok Selvan, Nikila Vimal have acted skillfully. I request Sarathkumar to continue acting in such roles. To fill Sarathkumar’s place
It is safe to say that there are no stars in India. In this film, he has shown his skillful performance.

After ‘Oh My God’, I am releasing this movie ‘Bhor Ubyya’ starring Ashok Selvan. Ashok Selvan will make his debut as Chocolate Boy in this movie and will leave a lasting impression on us in the climax scene.

Seeing the way the film’s director Vignesh Raja worked on the set, he said, ‘This director will become a great director in the future’. L. Thenappan informed me. This young director Vignesh Raja directed the movie ‘Por Thozhil’ which is shaping up to be an interesting thriller movie.”

Alfred Prakash, the co-author of the story, said, “According to him, ‘War should not be a business’. Bharatiyar’s new motto is ‘practice war’. During that period there was a fight between the Tamil kings and they said that they should not engage in war. During the Bharatiyar period, we were suppressed from outside and referred to as ‘war industry practice’. Which of these is correct in the current period..? what is this? This film is the field where two diametrically opposed ideologues meet. Thanks to all the directors and producers for giving me the opportunity.

Producer and actor B. L. Thenappan said, “One of the producers of the film, CV Charathi, is a friend of mine. I have done a small role in this movie on his request. I was amazed to see the skill of the director on the sets. During the shooting I was confident that the film would be a success. ” said.

Actress Nikila Vimal said, “I have also acted in the film ‘Por Thozhil’ produced by the producer who introduced me to Malayalam for the first time. Sarathi, one of the producers of the film, said, ‘Ask the director for the story. If you like it, you can act.’

Let me tell you a little story. A little flashback before that. A director visited me to narrate the story. He opened the laptop and started narrating the story. He finished telling the whole story. After that I was looking at his open laptop. Then he said, ‘I have opened the laptop for a build-up. Otherwise, there is no problem in it.’

The next day director Vignesh Raja came to narrate the story. He also opened the laptop as soon as he arrived. Yesterday’s incident ran through my mind. I was listening to the story though. Then music was playing from somewhere. After that he said that the music was playing from the laptop. The first time the background music played, he told me the story and got me hooked.

The film that gave me consent to act very quickly in my journey to the film world was ‘Por Thozhil’. The story of the film was excellent. I don’t even care about the size of my character. After a short break we are acting again in Tamil. So I wanted to appear on screen with a good quality story. It is in this film ‘Por Thozhil’. Let’s meet at the theater on June 9.”

Actor Ashok Selvan said, “This is my favorite script too. In 2015, I and my friend director Vignesh discussed the script of the film. I have worked with the director since my college days in many short films..advertising films.. A very talented creator. Hard worker. It would be good if Vignesh tells a story. That and this screenplay was different. So many crime thriller movies have been released. Movies in the genre of murder mystery have also been released. But in this movie, two characters are well crafted.

There was a desire to act like a police officer in Tamil cinema with a moustache. But does the cop have to have a mustache in this movie? I played the role of a cop without a moustache, raising the question. In contrast to this, Sarathkumar has played the role of a senior police officer in a rugged look. How does a young constable with no field experience and a senior police officer with extensive field experience work together? How do these two work together to find a murderer? That is the story of the film.

I thought how we are going to make the director’s imagination possible. It was easy when I had the experienced Sarath Kumar acting alongside me. Acting with Sarathkumar was a joyous experience. I have also acted with the experienced Nasser before this. I am amazed to see his behavior on the set as well. People from various fields such as cinema, politics etc. are visiting to meet him. He is always busy. Even at this age he has soup for lunch. After that he eats nutritious food!