Produced by-Sri Saravanaa Films (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.


Cast-Sathyaraj, Ajmal Ameer, Jaiwanth, Dushyanth, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Y.Gee. Mahendra, Sriman etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-122 Minutes


The film stays true to its genre-an investigative crime thriller that holds a lot of interesting elements to look out for, mainly on the merit of its writing and of course, its execution to a reasonable extent!

The sequences in and around the police control room have been meticulously planned and executed.

The main star cast consisting of Ajmal and Sathyaraj have both done their best and this flick is a sort of comeback vehicle for the former while the latter, with limited screen-time asserts his class and calibre without much of a fuss but very effectively!

Jaiwanth, Dushyanth, Poornima Jayaram and the rest of the supporting cast have lent good support.

J.Laxman’s cinematography and the background music of G.Balasubramanian have lent more credibility to the proceedings!

A chain of mysterious phone calls to the police control room sets the cops on their wheels as the calls convey information about forthcoming murders and accidents!

The identity of the caller remains a mystery while the cops seem satisfied that he furnishes rather than tracking the caller and his whereabouts!

The climax gives an unexpected twist!

A few loopholes overlooked, the film is certainly watchable…