On behalf of Puratchi Thalapathi Vishal, we express our sincere congratulations and appreciation to all the students who have passed the Plus+2 public examination. And the students who did not pass should not lose heart. Failures are normal in life. So, by all means keep studying without giving up and wish you success in re-examination.

Salutations to the people in charge of the People’s Welfare Movement and dear ones. Every year, our brother revolutionary leader Vishal, through his ‘Devi Foundation’, provides education to the poor students who pass the Plus+2 public examination and are unable to study further. Similarly, registration of applications for this year is going on.

The in-charges of our People’s Welfare Movement send the complete details of the students who have scored good marks in the plus+2 public examination in the area under your district and have passed and are unable to study further to our ‘Devi Foundation’ email address [email protected]. We are happy to inform that their petitions will be considered, and assistance will be provided for their further studies.
Thank you and goodbye.
V Harikrishnan Secretary, People’s Welfare Movement, Coordinator, Devi Trust.