Bharath in Last Six HoursLatest still of Bharath in Last Six hours

Cast-Bharath, Anoop Khalid, Viviya Santh, Adil Ibrahim, Anu Mohan etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-101 Minutes


Thrillers, usually follow a format showcasing chills time and again to generate the much needed momentum. Here is a suspense thriller that strictly adheres to that template in a conventional manner!

The film opens with the cold blooded murder of a young girl of impressionable age and moves on to lay focus on a foursome besides a lady member, all of whom target the secret vaults of affluent people!

The screenplay unfolds steadily deliberating on the modus operandi of these people for who human life is of scant value.

With a well laid out plan of action they entire the premises of a well-built blind man (Bharath) but the moment they enter the room where the vault is kept, things turn topsy-turvy and each of them begin to lose their lives!

Finally, when the female partner manages to open the vault, to their utter shock, nothing is found there and the vault is totally empty.

It is at this juncture does the director gives a twist to the tale and following the final showdown between the blind man and the rest of the gang, the screenplay gets connected to the murder in opening sequence leading to an unexpected climax.

Sinu Siddharth’s camera work carries the film well. So does the music of Kailas Menon whose background score warrants mention.

Had the screenplay been a bit crisp and taut, the film would have been a little more enjoyable.