The Power of career transition – From Finance to Films!

Taking Indian Cinema to global stage and making it proud by winning over 75 Awards from 35 International Film Festivals in 2022 for his first Tamil Short film “SHASHTHI” and over 70 Awards from 20 International Film Festivals for his second Tamil Short Film “SARAS” in 2023 only seems to make Mr.Jude Peter Damian, who transitioned his career simultaneously from Chartered Accountancy career with over 3 decades of experience to film making, feel more humble and motivates him further to contribute more to Indian Cinema and Society.He wants to be a true champion of his own narratives, gained thro’ his experiences, presenting them with hues to the audience responsibly using creative art and technology.His short films, written, directed and produced by him, SHASHTHI meaning Goddess of Children and SARAS alias Saraswathi, meaning Goddess of Education are testimonies to that.SHASHTHI is about how “The perception about Devi, a woman from a less affluent family, also evolves as more information & situations affect perceptions, to the point where she is compared to Shashthi, a Goddess of Children”.SARAS is about “Saraswathi, a woman from socially and economically weaker background, who is determined her studious son to study in a world class Institute”.Main cast of the film SHASHTHI are: Semmalar Annam, Lizzie Antonie, Dr.SK.Gaayathri, Harries Moosa and Master Jeffrey James.Main cast of the film SARAS are: Neelima Rani, N.Srikrishna, Vinaitha Sivakumar and Master Sanjeev.SHASHTHI was filmed using RED camera (Cameraman: Franklin Richard) and SARAS was filmed using ARRI Alexa camera (Cameraman: G.D.Raja). For both the films, Mr. M.S.Jones composed background music and Mr. S.T.P. Samy did Live Recording and Sound Mixing, Mr.Sivakumar Mohanan was Executive Producer and Mr. Kundal R. Babu was the Editor.SHASHTHI is available on Apple TV (iTunes) and YouTube. SARAS will be made available to public in due course.Details of awards are available on IMDB pages of SHASHTHI (Short 2022) and SARAS (Short 2023).