Jigiri Dost starring Shariq Haasan and Ammu Abirami directed by Aran, former assistant director of Indian cinema’s leading director Shankar and director of several award-winning short films, Aran is making his directorial debut in Tamil cinema. Aran is also producing the film along with K. Pradeep and also playing an important role in the film. Titled Jigiri Dost, this film is jointly produced by SB Arjun and Hakka J.As befits the title of the film, the story revolves around friends. Three friends on their way to an outing witness a girl being kidnapped by brutal gangsters. Then, they are making the story of the film whether they saved the girl from the gangster. The highlight of the film is their use of the technology called “Terrorist Tracker”.Apart from Aran, Bigg Boss fame Shariq Haasan and Ammu Abirami also played important roles in this film. Along with them are VJ Ashik, Bavitra Lakshmi, Anupama Kumar, Gautham Sundararajan, Shivam, Jangiri Madhumita, Late R.N.R. Manohar, Sarath and public star Durai Sudhakar have also played lead roles.The film is written and directed by Aran and music is composed by Ashwin Vinayakamurthy. Editing by Arul Leeza Varman, Cinematography by R.V. Saran, fight training by Mahesh Mathew, dance by Dina, audiography work by Saravana Kumar, T.I. and C.G. Works by A.K. Prasad have carried out. Sudhan Bala has written the songs of this film. The shooting of the film is over and now the background work is going on. The team has decided to release the film in December. Jigiri Dosthu starring Shariq Hassan, Aran, Ammu Abhirami, VJ Ashiq, Pavithra Lakshmi and others is a wholesome entertainer on the cards. India’s Leading film director Shankar’s former Assistant Director and award winning short film maker Aran is all set for his debut in Kollywood. Produced by K. Pradeep Jose, an industrialist from Coimbatore, Aran and co-Producer by S.B.Arjunar, the flick is titled JIGIRI DOSTHU.As referring with the title the movie is all about power of friendship and what extent the power of friendship can manifest. Three friends with different aim in life plan to go for outing, while they witness a girl being kidnapped by terrific gangster. Watching the kidnap, the friends try to save the girl using TERRORIST TRACKER, a technology based on phone tapping. The story begins smoothly and the climax will have all the elements to make the movie a wholesome entertainer.Jigiri Dosthu has promising cast which includes Big Boss fame Shariq Hassan, Aran, SIIMA AWARDS Best Shortfilm Actor known for notable works in award winning short films, Ammu Abirami, VJ Ashiq, cook with comali fame Pavithra Lakshmi, Anupama kumar, Gautham Sundararajan, Sivam , Jaangri Madhumitha, Late RNR Manohar, KPY fame Sarath, Public Star Durai Sudhakar in important characters.The movie is written and directed by Aran, cinematography by Saran RV, Music by Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy, Editing done by Arul Mozhi Varman, Stunts by Mahesh Mathew, Choreography by dina, Audiography by saravana kumar, DI & CG by Kraftzworks guided by AK Prasath, Lyrics penned by Suthan Bala. The team has decided to release the film in December.