‘Fight Club’ Movie Press Meet !!

Presented by Director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s G Squad, Produced by Reel Good Films Aditya, Vijay Kumar’s ‘Fight Club’ Press Meet !!

“Fight Club” is the debut film from director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s G Squad. Movie. Produced by producer Aditya on behalf of Reel Good Films, director and actor Vijay Kumar is playing the lead role, the press conference of the film was held in the presence of press, media, internet and professional friends for the film crew to attend.

In this event..

Producer Aditya spoke on behalf of Reel Good Films…
Fight Club is a great experience. First of all thanks Lokesh bro. There is a lot to talk about this film. Vijaykumar and I have been talking about doing a film since Reel Goodz Films started. Glad the film has reached this stage now. When this film was half finished last year, Vijay Kumar said that he should show the film to Lokesh’s brother. Lokesh was in Vikram Success then. He said that if Vijay Kumar had made it before watching the film, it would definitely be different. I will release it. Thank you for trusting us and releasing our film as G Squad’s first work. My big thanks to my friend Jagadish for this film, Abbas has been working on this film since he told this story till today. His team has worked hard. I admire Vijay Kumar ever since his breakthrough. It was a pleasure to film with him. We have made the film to give a new experience as a film. Reel Good Films thanks to all those who continue to provide good films.

Actress Monisha Mohan Menon spoke..
Very happy. I feel blessed to be on such a big stage, in such a film. This film is a movie that movie lovers will love. Created with great dedication. I feel privileged to have met the people here and a pleasure to work with. Film is my dream, I have worked as an assistant director in two films in Malayalam. When this opportunity came to me, they said Uriyadi Vijaykumar and immediately everyone I know said you must act. Vijay Kumar has many fans in Kerala. I like Lokesh sir a lot. Thanks to a person famous all over India releasing our film. Abbas has made this film brilliantly. You will definitely like this movie. Thanks to everyone.

Director Abbas A. Rahmat said..
We announced the film in 2020, Corona, sheeting, location and many problems, the film has been around for 3 years. Vijaykumar sir could have directed another film if he had thought but thanks to Vijaykumar sir who waited for us and the producer and worked on this film. Thanks to Lokesh sir who thinks that not only himself but also those around him should be well. Thanks Aditya sir. Thanks to the crew who worked on this film. We have created the image with dedication, thank you if you like it.

Hero Vijay Kumar said..
This title is an English film title, a very popular title, a cult classic, although the story is different, we thought of putting it in our film. We put it because it will be a tribute to the film that we have made with soul and love. When we want to make a film like we thought, there will be many problems in it and we have to give our hard work and dedication to it. Lokesh is my close friend. Whatever I do, he notices and appreciates it. This film was ready for 20 minutes in Vikram’s success time, then he saw it. Later we completed it and showed it at Leo’s release time. I am happy that this film is released under his banner. He is India’s biggest director and we always talk about cinema. He is happy to release this film. My thanks to my friend Jagadish and Sakthivelan sir for their great support to this film. Many newcomers have worked with dedication in this film. The producer has produced the film with his love for cinema. This film should win big for him. Abbas is a film freak, he knows nothing but cinema. An ardent Mani Ratnam fan I am also waiting for the world to appreciate him as a director. Thanks to everyone.

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj said..
This film is like the city, it is a new beginning for me. Wish to start with your blessing. We have been talking since 2017 that Uriyadi Vijay Kumar, his name and my name should come together in a film. Glad it’s happening now. Vijaykumar is the most honest man I know. As someone who always thinks only about cinema, hence, I am releasing this movie.