On Vishnu Manchu’s Birthday, Makers of ‘Kannappa’ unveil the much awaited First look Poster– A true Indian epic of a fearless warrior’s journey to become Lord Shiva’s Ultimate devotee”

Joining forces with stellar names like Mohan Babu, Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar, Prabhas and more, Vishnu Manchu takes center stage as ‘Kannappa’ in the much-anticipated cinematic wonder.’ The striking first look poster reveals Vishnu Manchu as the warrior, bow in hand, standing before the Shivling in a mystical forest. This visual masterpiece promises an immersive experience, blending the awe-inspiring tale of devotion.

Helmed by Mukesh Kumar Singh, 80% of the film unfolds against the backdrop of New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes, captured through the lens of Hollywood cinematographer Sheldon Chau.

Speaking about the project, Vishnu Manchu shares, “Creating Kannappa has been a journey etched in blood, sweat and tears. An atheist warrior’s journey to becoming the biggest devotee of lord shiva. The warrior in the mystical forest is a reflection of what we set out to make – a visceral experience born from the heart”

Brace for state-of-the-art action sequences that redefine visual excellence, blending technology and awe-inspiring stunts, currently the film is being shot in New Zealand. Vishnu’s portrayal of ‘Kannappa’ promises a high-octane cinematic experience, showcasing both his acting prowess and dedication.