Toeing the lines of Ranjith and Mari Selvaraj in Ambunad nadu Ombadhu Kuppam director Rajaji

A backward village in Pudukottai district, many social people live there. The town has imbibed the reactionary old-fashioned thinking that people who have been oppressed for a long time should not be allowed to achieve economic progress. In the name of caste, untouchability and oppressing fellow human beings equally in the name of caste, they are ready to go to any extent to save the caste hierarchy, farmers from both sides are eager to seize power and rule the town through it, the temple festival is coming. They touch the tambulatatta held by the priest and take the Vibhuti. Due to this, there is a riot there, the farmers put aside the power feud between them, both the farmers come together and plan to hold a national meeting saying that touching the tambul plate is defiled. They are raising awareness and the farmers who know this, think that we should not lose to the party members and their caste honor will be dishonored, so they mysteriously kill the young man who touched the Tambula plate and took Vibhuti.
The director of the film has taken the film as a voice of oppressed people. Do not miss many more shocking true incidents while watching the film. It will be released all over Tamil Nadu on November 17.
Producer- Boopathy Pandian
Writer & director-G.rajaji
Music – Antonydasan
Original story-Durai guna
Editing – Paneerselvam
Lyrics- Law varadhan , kadal vendhan
stunt -gungbu Raja
Pro-VM Arumugam /Rajkumar