“Rangoli”  Movie Music and Trailer Release !!

Produced by Gopuram Studios by K.Babu Reddy & G.Sathishkumar and directed by Wali Mohan Das, the movie “Rangoli” is a contemporary school life movie starring newcomer Hamaresh Prarthana. The music and trailer launch of the film, which is slated to hit the screens on September 1, was held in the presence of the film crew and film celebrities in the presence of press and media friends.

In this festival..

Editor Satya Narayanan said…
Thanks to the press. First of all thanks Vijay sir. I first came on screen and worked with him. Thanks to the producers. Wali Mohan Das is my friend and thanks for the opportunity. Thank you for watching and supporting the movie.

Art director Anand Mani said… This is my 15th film. Thanks to Wali Mohan Das, my friend, for this circumstantial opportunity. Thanks to our producers. We long for this platform. Glad to have it now.

Music composer Sundara Murthy said,
Thanks to our producers and director Vali. His words inspired me when I heard the songs of this film. The film will give you a sense of satisfaction. Thanks to all the lyricists who worked on the film. The cinematographer has designed the scenes very well in this film. All the assistant directors have given hard work. Thank you everyone will definitely like the movie.

Lyricist Velmurugan said,
Thanks to director Vali for this opportunity. I have written two songs for this film. The songs in this film are meaningful. This film makes a good point even though it is a game. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Lyricist Karthik Mehta said,
It is a great pleasure to share this stage with lyricist Velmurugan. Congratulations to all those making their debut in this film. Special congratulations to the protagonist Hamaresh. All the songs are amazing. Wish the film success.

Actor Sai Sri said…
This is my first film. Thanks to our producers and director Wali Sir for giving us such an opportunity who are new to the film industry. The cinematographer has shown us beautifully and framed the scene beautifully. Cinema is the result of many people’s efforts, thanks to everyone who gave their efforts for this film. It was a pleasure to work with Murugadoss sir. I don’t know Tamil, but thanks to the director Vali sir who taught me patiently and brought the character to me. Hamaresh has done his job effectively. My thanks to the entire team.

Actress Akshaya said,
I originally auditioned for a different film. But I’m glad I got this opportunity. Hamaresh has done a great job and has put in a lot of effort. Thanks to director Wali sir for giving me such an opportunity.

Aadukalam Murugadoss said…
I am very happy to have chanced on this rangoli. It is only now that Hamaresh has done so many films. He is the little Dhanush that Tamil cinema got. Congratulations to him. The film turned out well

Actor Amit Bhargav said…
So far I have done the character of good son-in-law, policeman, now I am playing a Tamil actor. Thanks to Wali Mohan Das for this opportunity. Hamaresh is very sincere and very calm on set. Will definitely go to a bigger place. Director Vali is a hard worker. The frame he puts is so beautiful. He gives the desire to enter that world. Watch the movie if you like it thank you.

Prarthana, the heroine of the story, said…
I don’t know much Tamil. Wali sir told me everything like my guru. Hamaresh was very helpful. Everyone should watch this movie in theatres, thank you.

Director Ponram said…
I have seen this movie and it is amazing. The entire team from the director has worked hard. Hamaresh has acted brilliantly and doesn’t look like a newcomer. Both cinematographer and music composer have supported the film. Hamaresh will come to the biggest place. The cast of School Pasangala also performed well. My greetings to all.

Writer Ajayan Bala said..
Galaxy means cluster of stars. In Tamil cinema there is a galaxy like Sivakumar Family, Editor Mohan Family. Like that Alagappan Vijay family is a galaxy and I am with them. This film is an important film for me. This movie talks about the most important issue of today. Emphasizes the larger problems in education. Hamaresh has acted very well. The film has come out very well, thank you all for your support.

Director Vali Mohan Das said..
Thanks to senior directors and journalists for visiting. Thank you to the producers who trusted me and gave me a chance.

Thanks to all the assistants and technicians who worked with me. It was a pleasant experience working with the composer. Everyone worked thinking like their film. I have been watching Hamresh from Vasant Sir, he is a wonderful artist. He has the ability to understand anything. When Murugadoss told the story to his brother, he was surprised and said that I will definitely act. Whenever he asks for a date, he runs away. Also thanks to director Vijay sir for believing in me. Hope you like the movie Thanks everyone.

Actor Hamaresh said..
We all need your support, this is a surreal moment. Never thought of this platform. Everyone in the film was very supportive of me. All who acted as friends were helpful. At first I was scared to play the role with Murugadoss but he told me a lot. For Vali Anna, the film is important to him and he will not see anything until he says cut. He has worked very hard to make the film good. Thanks for the prayers. Thank you to everyone who came. Uday uncle, Vijay uncle and Aiya are the reason why I am acting, thanks to everyone.

Producer AL Alagappan said..
Today is the most important day of my life. My grandson is the hero of the story today. It has been 35 years since I came to the film industry. I made my debut as a producer after doing several jobs in the film industry. I used to say that everyone in my family should enter the film industry only after studying, but Hamaresh became an actor while still studying. The actor who played the role of a Tamil actor in this film has acted beautifully. The woman who played the role of mother in this film is a small girl but she fits the role beautifully. Hamaresh has acted beautifully. You will definitely like the movie and you should support this movie and make it a success thanks.

Director Vijay said..
It was beautiful that my son-in-law spoke perfect Tamil. I remember Hamaresh was born in March 2005. A true hard worker, he has all the skills to win in cinema. Well directed by Wali Mohan Das. Everyone has worked well in the film. Thank you for the success of the film.

Actor Udaya said..
It is a very honorable event for our family. Hamaresh became my rival at an early age. Hamaresh has acted well and the director has directed a great film. All the actors in the film have given natural performances and that is the strength of this film. The makers are monitoring this film from start to finish. I have only one advice for actor Hamaresh. My advice is to never give up on acting and make a mark for yourself. Friends of the press should support it, thank you.

Director RV Udayakumar said..
Kudos to Babu Reddy who was a good friend and co-producer of producer Satish Kumar sir. Congratulations to Producer Alagappan and Director Vijay. The hero Hamaresh will be a great hero in both Tamil and Telugu languages. I had a chance to watch the film but missed it. Having seen the trailer of the film, it seems that everyone will definitely like it. The director has directed the film beautifully, the cinematographer and the music director have combined to give a beautiful epic. My best wishes and thanks to the entire team for sure the film will be a success.

Director Bhagyaraj said..
When I heard that many people have seen this film, I wondered why they did not call me. This film is going to remind many of their school days. All the actors in the film acted well and lived the character. I also remembered my school days. The protagonist Hamaresh has to create a unique identity for himself, which is important for budding actors. My best wishes to director Wali Mohan Das. You have created a good picture beautifully. My best wishes to everyone in the AL Alagappan family. My best wishes to the entire team, the film will definitely be a hit, thanks.

Hamaresh, who acted as a child star in Mahanagaram and Deivathirumal, will make his debut as a hero in this film. Prarthana Sandeep, Sai Sri and Akshaya are playing lead roles in the film. Aadukalam Murugadoss has played an important role.

Produced by K. Babu Reddy & G. Satishkumar under Gopuram Studios, the film is directed by debutant director Vali Mohan Das. Music composed by Sundaramurthy KS. Cinematography by I. Marudanayagam. Edited by G. Satyanarayan. Anand Mani has done the art direction.