I was the only woman in the crowd of men on the set: Locker actress Niranjani Open Talk!

Vibrant Robbery Thriller ‘Locker’!

Locker heroine Niranjani spoke candidly about being the only woman on the set amidst a crowd of men.

After a long gap in Tamil
Rajasekhar and Yuvraj Kannan
The duo has directed a new film ‘Locker’ together
People who are insatiable towards cinema.
The film is produced by Narayanan Selvam Productions.

Vignesh Shanmugam is playing the lead role in this film. He has already made his debut with the film Vnhuipappakkam.
He has also acted in a web series for Zee5 called Kallachirippu.

Debutant Niranjani Asokan plays the female lead. He has acted in some pilot films and albums.

Niwas Adithan is the villain. He has acted in films like Taramani, Regina. Subramanian Madhavan, who has acted in films like Prince, Mril, Good Night, is playing the lead role.

The cinematography for the film is done by Tanikaidasan who is a student of Taramani MGR Film College and has worked with cinematographers like Om Prakash and Ballu for field work experience. He has done cinematography for channels like Star Sports. He has shot many commercials and corporate videos. He is also doing cinematography work in another film called Delta.

Debutant composer Vaikunth Srinivasan has composed the music. He has already composed the music for actor Thalapathy Vijay’s birthday song titled ‘Annan Athee Makhal’. He has composed music for numerous music albums and the web series My Dear X.

The film has three songs. Karthik Netha and Vishnu Itavan are two lyricists.

Cinematography by Srikanth Ganaparthi. He has worked as an assistant in films like Penguin, Kurudi Atham. Various talented hands have come together.

The trailer launch and launch event of the film was held today at Prasad Label.
Speaking at the event, Yuvraj Kannan, one of the duo’s directors, said,

“Many of the people who worked in this film felt like it was their own film as it was their first film. The producer would encourage them by saying, ‘Thambila Nalla Pannunga.’ He trusted us. I think their hope has not gone in vain. The film has turned out well.”

Another director Rajasekhar told me,

“Yuvaraj and I have been friends since we joined the engineering college in 2013. Yuvraj is the one who tolerates any story I tell. We were struggling to enter the screen world by making short films and efforts for a few years. When we met this producer, we prepared the story in 20 days as he asked. That’s how this story came to be. .He put his trust in us. We didn’t waste it. We worked hard to make sure that every rupee he spent was worth it. It turned out to be a good film. I thank all the artistes who participated in it.” said.

When hero Vignesh Shanmugam speaks,

“I was first introduced to Yuvraj. Director Rajasekhar used to congratulate and appreciate my short films even if they got a poster. It showed me his good character. He said he was going to tell a story one day. I thought I would tell a story to ask if it was good. But when they told me to direct it, I was beyond happy. That is how I have acted in this film. I have reached this stage only through the directors who have given me works such as Kunalpapakam, Kallachirippu, which I have acted in before this. I thank them for giving me such an opportunity,” he said.

When the heroine Niranni Asokan speaks,

“This Locker film opportunity came after watching my short film. At first I was in disbelief when I was contacted through Instagram because these are the times when there are so many fakes walking around. I doubted whether it would be genuine.
When I visited their office I liked two things.One was the way they narrated the story. It was so wonderful. Next their pre-production for the first film was amazing. Everything was clearly planned. The shooting also took place in the same way. Even when the film is being shot in the open air, due to the change in season, it rains suddenly. But undaunted by that, they had an alternative plan. I was amazed at how well planned it was.

There is a pressure for everyone when it is their first film. They were so meticulously planned that I didn’t feel the pressure. Cinematographer Das would personally give me careful instructions to make me look good on screen..