“Thambi Ramaiah Annan has done the work I initially did with other heroes in the film Kick” ; – Santhanam

“Day by day responsibility for the child is increasing” ; Mansoor Alikhan

“Santanam who stands firm by keeping Kannadasan’s words” ; Thambi Ramaiah Appreciation

“I have become an ardent fan of sandalwood and directed the film ‘Kick'” ; Director Prashant Raj Excitement*

“I also want to do comedy.. It is difficult to act as a comedy”; Kick heroine Tanya Hope

Santhanam’s film ‘Kick’ is produced by Naveenraj under the banner of Fortune Films. Famous Kannada director Prashanth Raj has stepped into the Tamil film industry with this film.
Tanya Hope will play the female lead and the film also stars Ragini Dwivedi, Kowai Sarala, Thambi Ramaiah, Senthil, Mansoor Ali Khan, Brahmanandam, Sadhu Kokila and others.

Arjun Janya has composed the music for the film while Sudhakar Raj supervised the cinematography and Nagooran handled the editing. The fight sequences are designed by Ravi Varma and David Castillo. YMR Creations is publishing this film.

As the film ‘Kick’ is releasing on September 1st, the first meeting of the film crew was held as a press conference.

Speaking at this event, producer Navinraj said, “When the production company started in 2008, it was a dream that we would ever produce a film in Tamil. I was waiting for the right story and the right time. It has been searched through #Kik image. A magic started when Santhanam entered the film. I love Tamil movies. Thalapathy was the first movie I saw as a child. I watch all the films like Jailer and DD Returns from the very first scene. We shot this film in one phase and completed it in four months. One day while shooting with 300 artists, Santhanam went to the hospital with fever. Hearing this, I asked him to cancel the shoot. But after a while Santhanam called me and got treatment at the hospital and now I am coming to the shoot. Said not to cancel. To that extent, he was fully involved in this,” he said.

When the actor talks about Muthukkalai..,
“This is my fourth film with Chandanam. I felt the joy and respect I got when I acted in the film Sivaji.”

When comedian King Kong talks..,
“I am acting with actor Santhanam for the first time. I received almost 175 missed calls asking me to act in this film. So far I have seen 8000 platforms. Today I am happy to speak on this platform. Hindi, Telugu and Kannada are all getting good opportunities. But it doesn’t come in Tamil.”

When actor Mansoor Alikhan talks..,
“Shandanam did not become a hero for nothing. He who grieves the body and prepares himself for it. Santhanam only eats curd rice while we all eat different things on the shoot. DD Returns hit the success of the film. Similarly, this Kick film will also be a huge success. Day by day, Santhanam’s responsibility is increasing

When heroine Tanya Hope speaks..,
“This is my first comedy film in Tamil cinema. From the beginning to the end, the people who watch the film will keep laughing.. There is a desire to do comedy.. Acting as a comedy is also difficult.. In that sense, Santhanam is a comedy king.

Actor Thambi Ramaiah said, “Once a decision is made, Santhanam is steadfast in his decision, as poet Kannadasan said. People think that some people should never lose. One such person is Santhanam. The success of DD Returns is visible on everyone’s faces here. Director Prashant Raj has crafted the comedy scenes brilliantly. Santhanam looks like a man in this film. This kick is being made as a Tamil film like a Hindi film. Santhanam doesn’t want to score only himself, but he gives opportunities to everyone around him and sees beauty.

When actress Ragini Dwivedi speaks..,
“I have played a brave character in this film. I never thought that I would do such a film in Tamil. I am glad that I got the chance to act with such a stellar cast. Santhanam has excelled in everything be it singing, fighting, comedy. I have come from Kannada film industry to Tamil and I need your support.

When director Prashant Raj speaks..
“In 2009, when I was sitting in AR Raghuman studio for the music work of my first film ‘Love Guru’, I saw Tamil celebrities coming and going there. Since then I started waiting for an opportunity to direct a film in Tamil. It is said that the two years available during the Covid period should be used properly to prepare the script and Santhanam should act in it