Only in cinema there is no such thing as caste and religion” – Director Perarasu at the audio release of ‘Muniyandiyin Muni Paichal’

On behalf of Sri Andal Movies, the film is produced by Veera Amirtaraj and directed by debutant director J.Raja Mohammed, the movie “Muniandiyin Muni Paichal” starring debutant Jayakanth is being made. The audio and trailer launch of the film was held in Chennai yesterday.

When the director Prameradu was speaking, brother RV Udayakumar called me a phaktiman and he himself spoke more about Bhakti. The highlight of the film is “Muniyandi’s Muni Paichal Movement Raja Muhammad”. This is special, it is possible only in cinema. There is no caste or religion in cinema. When I see the Jayakanth Raja Mohammed alliance, I remember the Vijayakanth and Ibrahim Rauthar alliance. Rauthar was instrumental in Vijayakanth’s development and dedicated his life to his friend’s success. There is no religion between them. There was only friendship. The name of the family deity will not be in the ration card, but everything is that deity. I myself become a priest when I worship my family deity. All around Virudhunagar, great worship is done to Goddess Muniyandi. While worshiping the clan deity, we ourselves can light the lamp and perform puja. Big temples have a priest to do this. Some say he who believes in God is a fool. Try saying that those who believe in Munyanti are fools. People will not accept. Because Muniyandi is seen as one of the family. Those who don’t say anything will be left with something to say. Vijayakanth looked like Ayyan when he dressed as Muniyandi in Dharmapuri. Muniyandi’s costume suits this hero Jayakanth very well. Rajinikanth proved that even black people can become big heroes. From that comes the belief that black heroes can also win. It was only after Bharathiraja came to the movement that the door to the movement opened for people like us from the village. Selandaryan will be silent to watch. But he will shake the bar in the songs. So are the songs of the film. The fruit of lust and love is more evident in the songs than the sage. In songs like these, lyricist Snehan picks up. He has done the same in this too. They said the producer is from Virudhu Nagar. It is the birthplace of Kamaraj. He should be proud of that. All those who want to become chief minister are saying that they will give Kamaraj rule. He is the only one who is always the chief minister. Actress Meera Raj has danced well. His grace in the song was excellent. It’s scary to talk about heroines these days. So I wish sister Meera Raj a brotherly empire. A proverb says that if the village is divided, it is a celebration for Koothadi. Now a days, if there are two bells, the town becomes a celebration. We are all one family. It is not good for our development that we are fighting among ourselves.. I wish this film a success.”

While speaking at the ceremony, Director Raja Muhammad, while speaking in his welcome address, I will start this speech with the name of the Lord, the Most Merciful. Without our producer Veera Amritraj and his wife Thilakavathy, this film would not have happened. When I sat in the Pandi temple with my friend Jayakant in Madurai and talked about the stories of the guardian deity and the miraculous events that happened there, why don’t we bring the story of this deity into a film. It seemed that no one had ever talked about this. As far as I know, the temple where Kada Vetti Puja is performed 365 days of the year is Muniyandi Temple. Some have faith and some don’t. But I have witnessed it. When the priest of that temple said the grace vow, his voice changed and he appeared to my eyes as a different person.
We will first take orders from the Pandi temple for all film related work. Three of my friend’s eyes showed the maker. The first one is our producer Veera Amritraj. For our producer, the tribal deity is Muniyandi. That is the main reason why they are making this film. Although the producer is not making the film for money, the film should also give him good profits. We wish Jayakanth as the hero and me as the director a good future. We hope that it will happen as well,” he said.

When hero Jayakanth speaks, hello everyone. The main reason for making this movie is Pandi Temple. I will take all decisions in Pandi Temple. I am always in Pandi Temple on Amavasai and Pournami days. When Raja Mohammed came to make a film with me, the producer, cried and prayed in the Pandi temple to know who it was. Muni showed us the producer. The director and I want the film to be a success. There is definitely hope that the movie will be successful. Thanks to everyone.” he spoke.