“I have always been a Vijay loyalist”; Director Perarasu spoke openly at the ‘Ninaivellam Neyada’ function.*”We should meet the people directly instead of reporting to people”; Producer K. Rajan’s request to actor Vijay**“Working with a musician is very comfortable” ; Adhirajan, director of ‘Ninaivellam Niyada’*”An unforgettable memory of acting in the movie ‘Ninaivellam Neeyada’ even 3 days before delivery”; Actress Madhumita “Commercial songs are not my address” ; Snegan’s fury at ‘Ninaivellam Neeyada’ film festival* “Ninaivellam Neyada” is the 1417th film of Isaignani Ilayaraja produced by Royal Babu under Lega Theaters. Director Adhirajan, who directed films like ‘Silandhi’, ‘Ranatandra’ and ‘Aruva Sande’, has written and directed the story, screenplay and dialogues.Manisha Yadav plays the heroine while Prajin plays the lead. Yuvalakshmi is debuting as a young heroine in the film “Daddy”. Sinamika debuts as another heroine. Rohit plays the young hero, Manophala, Madhumitha, Director RV Udayakumar, Muthuraman, PL Thenappan and Ranjan Kumar play the lead roles.Raja Bhattacharjee has done the cinematography and Ashish Joseph has taken care of the cinematography. Munikrishnan has choreographed the fight sequences while Pradeep Dinesh has choreographed the dance sequences and the dance sequences have been designed by Dinesh and Deena Masters.The music and trailer launch of the film was held yesterday evening at Prasad Label, Saligramam, Chennai.Producers KR, K. Rajan, PL Thenappan, directors RV Udayakumar, Pramappu, poet Sinegan, actresses Komal Sharma, and crew all attended the event.Director Adhirajan said, “I have worked with Ilayaraja sir for the first time in this film. A musician is said to be difficult to approach and not easy to work with. But Ilayaraja made me feel very comfortable working with him. All five songs are amazing songs. Yuvan Shankar Raja has also sung a song. I have created this love story based on a true incident in my friend’s life in Madurai. I have mixed 70 percent fact and 30 percent fantasy in this. Everyone would have just passed the school term. First love is something that no one can forget until they die. I have made this film based on that,” he said.Young actress Yuvalakshmi said, “After a long wait, I am very happy that the music launch of ‘Ninaivellam Neyada’ has taken place. This is the third film in which I am acting in the musician’s music. I think it’s a matter of pride. School love is something that cannot be forgotten. We’ve all been through it. Adhirajan has made this story based on this. I am happy to be a part of it,” he said.Actress Madhumita said, “’Ninaivellam Niyada’ will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. There is an important reason for that. I was shooting for it till three days before my delivery. The baby in my belly kicks me when the director says ‘Axon’ on the mic. It can never be forgotten. When Devaraj, a journalist and actor, acted with me, I saw so many dedicated actresses. But he appreciated that he is now seeing an actress who has managed to deliver in three days. I see it as the most important blessing I have ever received.It’s like a period of time for every director to make a film and release it. They have all the problems that women have. In that way, I heartily wish the director Adirajan that this film will be a successful child.”Talking about the second hero, Rohit said, “I have been acting in small roles since 2013. In 2021, director Adhirajan called me and asked if I would play the lead role in it. In that way, I have just played a main character,” he said.Speaking about the second heroine Sinamika, “It is a dream of everyone to act in the music of Ilayaraaja. My wish has also been fulfilled in this film. I have so much love for his music. I grew up listening to his songs. I am thankful to director Adhirajan for giving me the opportunity to act in musical music in my first film,” he said.When actress Komal Sharma spoke, “Helen Keller from America said that nothing good in the world can be touched or seen.” Music and love are like that. There are two wonderful things in the film, the musician’s music and love. There are not many romantic films these days. This film will remove that shortcoming,” he said.Producer K Rajan said, “Athirajan has been my younger brother for a long time. He made some revolutions while he was a journalist. He was also the reason why I went to jail a few times. Being a journalist, he knew what makes a film fail and directed ‘Silanti’ to success.With musician Ilayaraja agreeing to compose music for ‘Ninaivellam Neyada’, needless to say how the film will play out. It is a less respectful title but it is a suitable title to convey the closeness of love. Watching the young couple in the film is like watching ‘waves don’t rest’ Karthik and Radha.Actor Vijay, who is a superhero till now, has started a new party. I congratulate him on behalf of the Tamil film industry. If he is to win, he will have to do at least 15 percent of the charity that revolutionary leader MGR did. It should come down to the people. If Pushsi Anand is asked to give a statement from the platform, people will not accept it. If he is coming down for the people by saying that he does not want a salary of 200 crores, then we really hope that he will do good,” he said.Director Prameradu said, “There are not many right leaders here. Let’s expect Vijay to be a good leader. I have always been a Vijay loyalist. He should become a great leader. Watching the trailer of the film reminded me of the film ‘Panneer Pushpamangal’. It takes us back to the school days. This is Ilayaraja’s 1417th film. This feat can only be accomplished by a musician. Whenever we are sad we feel comforted by listening to his songs. Today he is sad at home.. May God comfort him. Actress Suvalakshmi’s family style look remains the same for Yuvalakshmi, who has acted in the film. Those who fail in love should stop with those green memories. If you think of going to see your girlfriend after 20 years, you will be shocked to see her appearance. After that, no green memories will come to mind,” he said.Musician Ilayaraja gave music to all emotions while director RV Udayakumar spoke. All this romantic feeling is normal for him. The film’s heroine Yuvalakshmi will get a huge reach through this song. Earlier we were directors of producers. Nowadays they have become producers of actors. For the first time Ilayaraja has given his audio rights to them instead of taking them. That is Ilayaraja. If all the actors start a party after Vijay sir, it would be good for all of us to get a lot of work,” he said.Lyricist Snehan said, “Athirajan has been my close friend since I started writing songs. This movie “Ninaivellam Neeyada” has come as a success of his continuous struggle. I have written three songs in it. So far I have written 3000 songs but only 30 of them are commercial songs. I believe at least 500 songs will be great songs. It hurts me when this community, which does not want to criticize these songs, criticizes my commercial songs and says, ‘This is Snehan’. I also ran to write a song for the story. This movie made me write songs in the flesh. That is not my address. I won an award in my first film. Why does this society say that it will not celebrate a good thing? Love does not expect respect. If you expect that, it is not love. It is said that love never fails except the lovers themselves who lose here.Director KR said, “Everyone who participated in this ceremony thought that they had to say something and spoke the truth without realizing it. The festival has evolved into a bar. I have known Adirajan since the early days. Although he has come from the journalism industry as a director, he has stood at this position after many struggles. Ilayaraja is not only a pride for Tamil cinema, but also for Tamil country. Without such a musical genius, our cinema today would have died sometime.”When Nayakan Prajin speaks, “I remember everything like first love, first kiss. Come February 14, our love will be sixteen years. I have two children (twins). My wife, Sandra, has been the most supportive of my coming to this place beyond my parents. In this film, director Adhirajan has carved each character beautifully. I saw Ilayaraja sir for the first time during the pooja of this film. He was speechless when he saw him. “Love never fails. Similarly, a romantic film never fails,” he said.Producer Royal Babu said, “While narrating the story of the film, Athirajan told me that it is a film about first love. I really liked the story. Musician Ilayaraja invited us while we were looking for a place to perform pooja for the film. Don’t go anywhere and perform the pooja at my place.The respect he gave me as a new producer is a great joy,” he said.