Pallavapuram Manai No 666 directed by Rishi is a completely different horror film starring Krishna-Eden.

A completely different horror film ” Pallavapuram Manai No 666 ” is produced by a new company called Ashtalakshmi Movie Makers.

Rishi has written and directed the screenplay.

Krishna, who has played the lead role in films like Eeram, Ananthapurathu Veedu, Asaya Asura, has played the lead role in this film.

Eden, who acted as the heroine in films like Andava Perumal, Rukhu Aana Illa, Panivijum Niluvu, Tirikku Varada Kathi, Zhagaram, Thataram, has acted as the heroine in this film. and starring Rekha Suresh, Sunil, Mala, Neka, Rakshai, Sreejith, Ramki, Prishpat, Cholai.

Cinematography – Villalan
Music – Maruti Nambi
Songs – Muthubharathi, Indus Nadi Poo Senthamizhan
Editing – R.T. Anna Durai
Dance – Sambhatraj
Public Relations – Manavai Bhuvan.
Production Supervision – Road Strip N.P. Manokaran.
Vfx – Rakshay
Produced by – Ashtalakshmi Movie Makers.
Story – S. Muthupalaniappan

Rishi, who worked as an assistant director to director K. Balachandhan, wrote the screenplay, dialogues and directed.

Director Rishi spoke about the film…

Tarun (Krishna) works abroad. After his wife’s death, he marries Sneha (Eden) to take care of his 6-year-old child Janani (Neha). But Janani does not treat Sneha as her mother but as a Siddhi. Janani develops a relationship with the rose in her garden, considers it her mother and calls the rose Amma. That rose was possessed by a soul. Janani had an inordinate love for Roja, who considered Janani as her daughter. As a mother, gives all pleasures and warmth to Janani. Tarun comes to Chennai to see his daughter. From the time he reaches his home, he experiences various extraordinary events and sufferings with the soul in that rose flower.

Why is the soul that loves Janani, eager to avenge her father? What did Tarun do wrong? Did Tarun survive that soul? The answer to these questions is the movie ‘Pallavapuram Manai No 666’.

This film is released all over Tamil Nadu by ‘Sri Panchacharam Film Makers’.