Written, edited and directed by – Kiran Durai Raj

Cast – Pavitra, Vimal Kumar, Denzel George and Thenpandian

Streaming Platform – ShortFlix

Fiction is at times more crude that reality – the young filmmaker had remarked while the titles unfolded!

True; true enough!

The theme is about a young girl a doctor by qualification, Swathi (Pavitra) whose dad (Thenpandian) is a caste – addict.

She is in love with Nanda (Vimal) who is also a doctor but belonging to a lower caste.

When Swathi tells her dad about her Love and lover, he and his relatives torture Nanda and go to the extent of killing him.

Swathi is forced into a marriage with another person belonging to their own caste but Swathi, with the help of her doctor – friends, arrange for her lover’ s sperm to be injected into her and then conceives!

As she had communicated everything to her present husband Ram (Denzel) he becomes a victim to the situation and is forced to suffer in silence!

Swathi’ s smart act could be justified to the extent that she has taken revenge on her dad as he believes that his would be grandchild has been fathered by Ram but the billion dollar question is, why should Ram be made to face the music for no fault of his!

Needless to say, his wife has exploited him to wreck vengeance on her dad!

Unfair moral!

Probably, trend of the times…